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Beat the boredom: Top 11 things to do at home over the break

We may have been listening to Christmas music since July, but the time has finally come for winter break, and with it comes a plethora of holidays and the inevitable cloud of boredom that hovers over young adults. Here’s a list of activities you can do to beat the boredom back at home during the long and well-deserved break.
1. Do you wanna build a snowman? Or a sandman?
Being back in your hometown for a month can be refreshing, and as tempting as it is to burrito-wrap yourself in your bed and watch Netflix all day, fresh air can be beneficial as well. Grab some friends and head outside to embark on a snowman building contest or start an ultimate snowball war. If you’re a Florida kid, the beaches are always open, and the weather is perfect to get a group together, tan and maybe build a sandman if you’re up for a challenge.
2. Scissors and glue and glitter, oh my!
 Crafts are fun for any age, and they’re a great way to relieve any leftover stress from the fall semester. Whether you do them alone or with friends, there are a wide array of crafts to choose to do, ranging from painting to coloring to tackling some holiday crafts. Some of the holiday crafts that are simple, but personally satisfying, include making Mason jar snow globes, decorating your own ornaments or creating your own holiday cards. Let your inner kid out over the winter break.
3. Lights, camera, action!
 One of the best parts about Winter Break is that we finally have some free time on our hands without having to worry about homework or studying. Grab some friends or family members and head on down to the movie theater where promising films such as “Moana,” “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and “Collateral Beauty” await. Holiday movies are always a must this time of year. With FreeForm in the midst of its Countdown to Christmas and the life savior that is Netflix, there’s always a chance of finding that favorite holiday movie and watching it with some friends and family.
4. Reading’s fun too!
 There’s nothing more relaxing than finding a comfortable nook or chair in your house and curling up in it with an oversized sweater and a good book. Spend the day immersing yourself in a whole new world filled with amazing characters and plot twists left and right. Don’t forget the cup of coffee or hot chocolate.
5. Bake your heart away!
 Spend a day, by yourself or with friends and family, baking, whether it be brownies, cakes or cookies. Don’t forget to include the mandatory solo dance party break. Whisks make great microphones. If you’re really in the holiday mood, feel free to put a festive twist on your baked goods. And if you’re doing this as a group, add a competitive streak to it and start a baking championship.
6. Hello? It’s me.
Visiting old friends can be nostalgic, but it will make your heart sing, especially if this is the first time in months that you and your besties will be reunited. Make a day out of it and catch up. Bowling and ice skating are both two relatively cheap ways to gather a group of old friends together and share some laughs. Or if you’re looking for a quiet scene, movie nights and board games are classics for get-togethers.
7. Tourist for a day!
 Unless your hometown is close to FGCU, it’s probably been a few months since you’ve been home. Spend the day acting as a tourist in your hometown, visiting all of the old sites. Visits to old schools, old parks and even just visits to neighbors’ houses will bring a smile to your face as memories come back. Better yet, gather up your family and take a walk around your neighborhood together to see all of the decorated and lit up houses.
8. Can I interest you in our specials today?
We all have that one favorite local restaurant that we’ve been craving for the past few months, and what better way to reward yourself for a successful semester than to round up some family and friends and take a trip to get your favorite dish. It’ll probably taste even better after months away, and you’ll be able to catch up with people.
9. Let’s get creative!
We’ve all got some pent-up creativity in us, and it’s not too hard to get our hands on some paper, a canvas, paint, a pen or an instrument. Challenge yourself one day and see if you can paint a picture, write a poem or learn a song. This is a great way to kill time alone, but with a group of people, you can share your artwork or songs and see what everyone else thinks of the Picasso or Mozart in you.
10. Give back to the community.
 We’ve all heard about the 80 hours of service learning we need to complete in order to graduate. Over the break, you can find an organization in your community that you care about and volunteer there a couple times a week to keep yourself busy. Not only will you be meeting new people and spending your free time helping others, but you’ll also knock out those volunteering hours! Organizations like the Humane Society are usually always looking for help, and even if you don’t want to volunteer, campaigns like Goodwill and Toys for Tots are always looking for donations and people to spread their missions.
11. Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind.
 Above all this winter break, spend time with your family and make sure you let them know how much you appreciate them all this holiday season. Whether you’re all sitting on the couch watching “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” or participating in a traditional cookie baking war, make new memories and share many laughs with those you care about the most.

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