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Balanced Body, Happy Life – Key nutrients your body could be missing out on

Feeling a little depressed or lethargic lately?
The organs in the human body have a key way of telling the brain that we may not be all peonies and sunshine inside. While WebMD offers a plethora of explanations for your recent lag, it can often lead you to overthink your symptoms. Before panicking, make sure you are fulfilling these key nutrients in your daily diet.
We all know the correlation between calcium and milk. What you may not know is the kind of havoc and abuse that a calcium deficiency can cause in your body.
When your body’s cells do not get enough calcium, they begin to take the necessary amount from your bones to continue to function properly.  Even as we grow older, our calcium absorption continues to decrease, resulting in bone disorders, including osteoporosis. One way to increase your absorption rate is to take Calcium in tandem with Vitamin D.
Vitamin D
Many individuals associate this vitamin with sun exposure, but it is also found in foods like milk and salmon.  The downside is that not everyone has the time to bask in the glorious rays, or the ability to drink 20-60 cups of milk a day to get the recommended dose. In recent studies, scientists have found that dangerously low levels of Vitamin D are directly linked with plummeting serotonin levels; low serotonin levels are a breeding ground for depression. Continued consumption of this vitamin has a multitude of benefits, including immune support, sense of well being, promoting healthy bones as well as preventing diabetes, multiple sclerosis and many forms of cancer.
Tired all the time? All of the fitness ladies out there, this goes for you especially; you could be missing out on this key mineral. Iron is one of the main components in blood; without it, bodies cannot produce enough healthy oxygen-rich blood cells. Without enough oxygen in the body, it can quickly become fatigued. Non-fitness ladies, don’t think you have an excuse – low levels of iron can impair brain function, immune system function and healthy hair growth. Unlike Vitamin D, adequate Iron levels can be found in red meats and dark green vegetables like spinach, mushrooms and olives.
 Vitamin B12
It’s no secret that this particular vitamin smells awful and tastes even worse.
Nonetheless, if you read about its millions of benefits, it would be a no brainer.  Not only does it naturally increase your energy levels, it also helps with memory loss, boosting mood, preventing multiple sclerosis and treating gum disease.

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  • M

    Marc SorensonJan 10, 2017 at 4:14 pm

    Great article! However, vitamin D may not be the the main mood elevator. It is associated with better mood, but that is because sun exposure produces vitamin D. However sun exposure also increases serotonin levels with or without vitamin D. Serotonin dramatically improves mood, and a day of sunshine can increase its levels by 800%. Anyone knows how good the sun makes one feel after a long period of darkness and cold.
    To learn ore about the positive effects of sunlight, visit