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Residents of Aleppo took to Twitter to plead their case

“My name is Bana, I’m seven years old. I am talking to the world now live from East #Aleppo. This is my last moment to either live or die” tweets Aleppo native Bana.

While most of Twitter is filled with funny pictures or its users’ passing thoughts, Syrians are taking to the site to bring attention to their war-filled lives.

Syria has been fighting a civil war for over five years now, and Aleppo is currently under constant attacks.

The war is between the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, his supporters and the rebels, those who oppose the president and want him out of power. Many Americans are unaware of this long-fought war as it has been drastically underrepresented.

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The Syrian government has gravely wronged its citizens. A leader is meant to work toward bettering the lives of citizens, not ruthlessly executing innocent civilians because they have opposed him or her as a leader.

These people are fighting to remove him from power and he is denying their right to be heard. President al-Assad and his supporters are abusing their power and must be stopped.

Powerful countries, like the U.S., must step in and help the people of Syria. The citizens of Aleppo are calling upon us to intervene and we must no longer ignore this call.

The American media has repeatedly ignored what is going on across the globe and has focused on American problems like the divorce of a celebrity couple or a wardrobe malfunction at a prestigious awards show.

Americans must open their eyes and see what is going on across the globe. We have to begin paying attention to what is going on in Syria.

Aleppo contains 2.3 million people and is one of Syria’s largest cities. It is considered a Unesco World Heritage site, meaning it is essential in regards to the world’s history and culture.

Fighting in Aleppo began in July 2012 and has since escalated to being the forefront of the war. The city began to divide; the rebels controlled the east side while the west was run by the government soldiers and the president’s supporters.

Recently, the government has taken control of both sides and has defeated the rebels. The government has released the civilians left in the city. However, many were halted as the government felt the rebels were not obeying established rules.

Evacuations continue today, but thousands remain trapped in the city while bombs rain from the Syrian government and one of its biggest supporters, Russia.

Aleppo citizens have taken to social media to relay their desperate calls for help. Chilling tweets show cries for mercy and justice. Many tweet their dreaded goodbyes.

A Syrian teacher and father, tweeted, “I am not sure if there is tomorrow, but I might see good news. You are not voiceless but we are. Do it before it is too late #Aleppo.”

Citizens are calling upon their followers to support Aleppo and bring the attacks to the forefront of our governments’ minds, as little action has been taken to stop these horrid attacks.

The United Nations has recently pushed for international supporters to monitor the evacuation of civilians. However, the Syrian government denied this right, meaning these evacuations will continue to be overseen by the Syrian government and their allies.

These mass killings and executions cannot go unseen any longer. American citizens must realize the extreme suffering these people are living through. Our government should work with other powerful countries to put a stop to this war.

The citizens of Aleppo are crying out for our help. America can no longer sit back and ignore this war. We must stand with Aleppo and fight for a cease in fighting.

A Syrian mom tweeted, “Dear world, there’s intense bombing right now. Why are you silent? Why? Why? Why? Fear is killing me & my kids.”

Why are we staying silent while innocent children, mothers and fathers are being ruthlessly murdered?

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