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Memories: the greatest gift of all

Millennials are known for being the generation that is obsessed with innovation and experiences – especially when it comes to keeping up with trends.

That being said, it’s really no surprise that the most technologically advanced generation the world has ever seen would focus their gift giving habits on experiences rather than objects.

Millenials appreciate the intricacies of giving what they themselves truly desire: the opportunity to make some beautiful memories and plan out an almost-too-perfect Instagram post.

I can see why people of my generation would opt to give a gift that would be more experience-oriented than anything else.  When I go shopping for somebody else, I consider two things: what that person likes or enjoys and how I would feel if I received such a gift.

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Like my fellow millennials, I would rather purchase an experience than a physical gift. My reasoning for this is that when someone purchases an experience, that person can keep that memory for a lifetime, much longer than some trinket.

As an early Christmas present, I bought my mom and I tickets to Cirque de Soleil while they were at Germain Arena.  I  bought two of the best seats possible because I knew my mom may never see this show again and I wanted her to have this memory of us forever.

My mom and I have now talked about that show more often and with more excitement than any other present I have ever given her.

It’s no secret that millennials are very big on using any and every form of technology possible on a daily basis. Millennials love to document every moment that they find noteworthy.

We write about, photograph and/or record memories on a daily basis regardless of the individual memory’s significance to our lives as whole.  These memories could be as small as a cup of coffee or as big as a wedding.

As much as a physical gift can serve as a reminder of someone who gave that object to you, memories are what millennials are interested in providing.

Experiences can stay in a person’s memories for the rest of their lives.

Millennials have spent most of their time, aided by technology, chasing great memories, experiences and adventures. It only makes sense for them to try to give others the same opportunities as a gift.

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