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Trump’s ban is the beginning of silencing

Within the first few days of his presidency, Trump has already signed several executive orders and passed new regulations.

Among these orders is a social media blackout on the Environmental Protection Agency. This blackout bans the EPA and the National Parks System from posting press releases, updates on the environment.

This blackout also enforces a strict suspension from signing new contracts and awarding grants.

Trump has repeatedly spoken about his belief that climate change does not exist. However, Americans must realize climate change is very real and dangerous.

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Climate change is not a scheme but rather nature’s call to help. Trump must realize the environment is desperate need of attention and we cannot turn our backs on this issue.

Our environment is quickly deteriorating and sooner rather than later, our beaches, snow-capped mountains and endless grass prairies are going to be gone. Beaches are receding and disappearing while the snow is melting faster and faster and our fields are going to be turned into industrial parks.

Not only is climate change affecting the natural beauty of America, it will seriously affect our economy.

Businesses and companies that rely on tourism from beaches, mountains and National Parks will face a loss of visitors. This loss of business will damage our economy immensely.

Americans must realize this blackout will keep citizens from knowing how climate change is affecting our land. If citizens are not informed, we will not be able to help preserve and lessen our carbon footprint.

Climate change is present in today’s society and we can’t ignore this.

By ignoring climate change, Trump is setting America behind other countries in terms of cleaner energy. By the end of his term, America will be so far behind, we may never catch up and this is disheartening as millions of jobs can be created and we will see a boost in our economy if America invests in clean energy.

Badlands National Park has taken to Twitter to fight Trump’s blackout.

The National Park has been tweeting climate facts since Trump’s blackout despite the ban.

The Park tweeted recently, “Today, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is higher than at any time in the last 650,000 years. #climate.”

The environment is calling for our attention. Americans cannot let Trump ignore the facts; Trump must realize climate change is a very real thing and deserves his attention.

Trump’s duty as President is to do what is best for the American people and he must soon realize calling attention toward climate change will help the American people.

Nature does not have a voice, we, as Americans, must realize climate change is nature’s way of calling for help.

Over hundreds of years, we have destroyed what was here first and it is time we push to preserve our land.

If we don’t, our children and grandchildren won’t have the beautiful beaches and forests we have.

We must use our voices and fight against Trump’s actions and fight for the environment, or soon, our environment is going to be damaged beyond repair.

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