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Don’t give in to the stress, choose happiness


People rarely think of stress as a positive thing. However, whether realized or not, stress can be a motivator that either forces change or makes people see the reality of circumstances.

According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, the presidential election was a factor to the high levels of stress in our nation.

Elections are full of controversy and opinions.

Both the left and the right use whatever resources, whether negative or positive, to reach nomination.

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Elections require attention. Attention is where the stress begins to form.

Everyone pays attention when presidential elections roll around.

Political ads play while families eat pizza in front of their TVs. Daily commuters hear radio hosts talk about each candidate. Grocery shoppers in checkout aisles see magazines with political statements.

We are all forced to absorb the energy of elections.

On top of the most recent election, people had personal problems to deal with.

People had bills to pay and were running short on money while they multitasked their daily lives. Yet, there is one thing that everyone can focus on.

Americans and people all around the globe want one thing: happiness.

People can choose to focus on making happiness exist in their lives.

Everyone wants to feel reassured that tomorrow will be a better day where people can continue to chase dreams disregarding any negativity.

Our nation needs to look on the bright sides of situations to form a conclusion for hope.

We have to learn to be positive and appreciate time, so we can live in the present and make a difference for the next generation.

We cannot get stuck in absorbing the energy of the election.

This is not meant to be interpreted as a discouragement from participating in politics. Politics form the policies that shape our lives.

Yet, this opinion may serve as a wake up call to your inspiration.

Whether or not your candidate won, you should analyze life.

How do you want to make an impact? What makes you genuinely happy? What are your goals?

Take the time to learn to appreciate stress and accept its positivity.

We are American, and that’s what we are known to do.

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