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SG vice presidential candidates discuss platforms

(Left) Student Body Vice Presidential candidate Antonia Jacobse and (right) VP candidate Madeline Quinn. (EN Photo / Kim Smith)

Political science and communication major Antonia Jacobse is running against secondary education major Maddie Quinn for the role of student body vice president for the 2017-18 school year.

Quinn, who is running under the Eagle Pride Party, introduced her candidacy under the platform PRIDE, which stands for Progression, Representation, Information, Diversity and Empowerment.

“I believe that the creative and innovative ideas that are outlined in our platform will ensure we’re utilizing the resources that we have to their maximum capacity,” Quinn said.  “We want to benefit the student body without making unrealistic promises or setting vague goals.”

Jacobse is running under the Fusion Party and is representing a platform that revolves around enhancing the campus community, giving students a voice, building traditions and improving university life.

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“What we’re really pushing is giving a voice to the students and empowering them,” said Jacobse. “We want to make sure there are students in SG. So often we focus on the ‘government’ part.  I think it’s time to reemphasize the ‘student’ part.”

Along with their respective platforms, the candidates emphasize their own passions through personal values and projects.

Part of Jacobse’s personal platform is to bridge the gap between the vice president’s administrative role and students as well as the gap between students and administration.

According to Jacobse, the role of vice president encompasses a lot of administrative work, particularly in terms of working with the executive cabinet. Interaction with students is limited, and Jacobse plans on innovating that.

Developing a campus safety committee is an issue that Jacobse is passionate about. By creating a campus lockdown plan in case of an emergency and adding cameras on campus to combat sexual assaults, Jacobse hopes to create a safe campus environment.

Quinn’s personal platform involves authenticity and wants to work transparently between student government, the community and students.

“Leadership in any role or setting can be disregarded the moment that a leader’s goal is anything aside from the genuine betterment of his or her community,” Quinn said. “I value honesty and the importance of admitting a mistake if one has been made.”

Although both candidates are running on different platforms, they both agree on two ideas: vote and be informed.

Quinn encourages voters to ask questions and stay informed.

“My message to voters, whether they are certain or not, is to be informed and take ownership of the voice that the students have in this election,” Quinn said. “Information on every candidate, party and platform can always be found online in minutes. Read about the ideas, get excited about the innovation that has potential to take place with creative and concrete ideas, talk to candidates and ask questions.”

Jacobse wants to remind students of the importance of voting and analyzing each party.

“Get informed and know what you’re voting for,” Jacobse said. “Analyze platforms and the structure and the mission and the value that each party relationship. You (students) are the reason why there is a student government, so it is important to have direct representation in that process.”

Election polls are open now and results will be announced on March 2 at 7 p.m. in the Fish Bowl.

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