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We should not accept terror in big cities

A deadly terrorist attack has struck London.
On March 22, 52-year- old Khalid Masood drove a rented SUV across Westminster Bridge into pedestrians along the south side of the bridge.
He later exited the vehicle and stabbed multiple victims in Parliament Square and the grounds of the Palace of Westminster before being shot dead by a close protection police officer.
Five, including the attacker, were killed, and 50 others were injured. Three of the victims were British nationals including an unarmed police officer, PC Keith Palmer, and one American tourist, Kurt Cochran. Of the injured, four are in critical condition, and two others are in life-threatening condition.
The remaining are expected to survive with relatively minor injuries.
The attack lasted for less than two minutes. In the aftermath, London law enforcement has arrested at least 11 individuals and raided multiple locations in London, Brighton and Carmarthenshire, Wales on suspicion.
ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, but their involvement is still being determined by English authorities.
However, Khalid Masood had been motivated by radical Islam. He was born Adrian Russel Elms but changed his name to Khalid Masood while in prison.
The tactic of converting prisoners to Islam has been a tool for many Islamic extremists. The idea is that the prisoners are more vulnerable to being ideologically persuaded.
The attack shows how vulnerable people are to terrorists. They exploit the moments in daily life where we believe we are safe, like simply traveling along a bridge.
We believe that we are safe from most danger. However, terrorists use that false sense of security to target people.
In their mindset, by showing how easy it is to kill multiple individuals in a normally safe setting, they are attempting to strike fear and panic as we proceed to live our everyday lives.
We can not allow terrorists to succeed. Their goal is to destroy the confidence that the public has in the government’s ability to provide safety.
Additionally, the British government needs to continue their fight against radical Islamic terror. Within the past decade, many politicians and activists has come into power due to the growth of Muslim communities. It is absolutely horrendous for society to unfairly target a minority such as the Muslim community.
However, the success of Brexit last year and the Conservative party in recent elections show that voters are upset that a segment of that particular community has become dangerous to society and has abused the kindness that is extended for the sake of inclusivity.
While Khalid Masood was not part of any active investigations during the time of the attack, he had previously been investigated by MI5.
Although this attack is the largest since the 2005 London train bombings, the city has had trouble with radical Islam within the past five years. Many clerics recruit from Muslim communities in the city, and several prominent members have been arrested in the past two years.
London mayor, Sadiq Khan, said that terror attacks are “part and parcel of living in the big city.”
Many large cities in Europe, North America and Asia have not experienced terror attacks similar to those in London and other cities last year.
We should not accept that terror is part of living in the big city. It shows incompetence among public servants to protect their constituents.
We must weed out the radicals that are bent on the destruction of our society and give them no community where they can find shelter.

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