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O’Reilly brings the harassment factor

The recent ouster of Bill O’Reilly at Fox News due to multiple claims of sexual assault was a shock to the world of television.
Fox News’ brazen star was accused of sexually assaulting and harassing women in the workplace for years, and many of these horrifying stories have begun to leak out to the rest of the media in the time that O’Reilly has been red.
These distressing stories are reminders that women in the workplace are not always able to come out and talk bluntly about sexual assault and harassment for fear of their jobs and their lives.
In the world of Fox News, men always win out.
Their corporate culture pushes more for men to get the final say than the women in the company, because their Judeo-Christian “values” put women at risk of not being able to take a stand for themselves or say anything that their superiors do not agree with.

Some people may argue that Megyn Kelly was a strong female voice at the company. She, however, left and was not willing to put up with Roger Ailes and sexual harassment.
Gretchen Carlson, another strong female voice at Fox, was forced out due to claims that Ailes sexually harassed her as well.
After these claims were publicized, Ailes was red.
These stories of women being abused at the company point to a problem not just at Fox News, but at most major companies.
For years, there has been a stigma behind being brave enough to report sexual abuse, assault or harassment.
Corporate culture has a dark underbelly that no one discusses, and the only time the public speaks out about it is when an Access Hollywood tape is leaked in which men brag about sexually assaulting women like its nothing more than two frat bros bragging about personal conquests over a drink.
People were surprised when the now infamous Access Hollywood tape was leaked. However, people who work with sexual assault victims were not as surprised as the rest of the world when they heard the footage because men have been getting away with this for years.
It would be safe to say they can still get away with these comments, considering we elected the man behind the comments as our new president.
Victims of sexual assault are not able to come forward as much as they would like to because of the stigma behind assault.
How people can believe that a man or woman would want to be raped is beyond me.
No one begs to have a target on their back, and no one wants to be hurt like that.
Just because someone wears certain clothes does not mean that they want any random creep to just walk up to them and start “grabbing them by the pussy.”
Maybe, just maybe, men should start being held accountable for not being able to keep it in their pants.
While some men would argue that women are accused of rape, which is not unprecedented, just not as common, they should also understand how difficult it is to come forth and claim they were abused if they believe this.
Support should be thrown behind the victims, no matter the gender of the person.
If someone with Judeo- Christian “values” does not have the decency to support someone who has been left devastated by sexual assault, abuse, violence or harassment, then how will God judge them in the end?
If a person does not support someone who is weaker than them, someone who needs their help, will their God still love them just as much if they cannot even support someone who needs help?
If anyone at FGCU has been sexually assaulted, abused, harassed or raped, the campus offers support through Counseling and Psychological Services, better known as CAPS, which comes free of charge to students.
The office provides any services one may need. Another campus resource can be found in any faculty or students on ARISE, a group providing information, support and education about sexual assault and rape.
At the bottom of this article are the phone numbers for different groups that assist in helping victims get through the aftermath of sexual assault.
Call them if you have been assaulted or harassed, and do not be afraid to speak up or speak out. There will always be someone who is there to support you.
Abuse Counseling and Treatment: 239-939-3112. FGCU CAPS: 239-745-3277. FGCU Police: 239-590-1911. Project Help: 239-262-7227.

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