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The Humble Club

A profile picture with the words “disconnected” painted in red repetitively straddle what seems to be a young adult with its head replaced with a TV. The TV shows different bars of color, referencing to a disconnection.
In the upper-middle part of the page, a flower on top of some threaded design makes up the Facebook banner of The Humble Club.
With about 137 likes on the official Facebook page and a unique profile picture, the page itself describes the essence of The Humble Club: unique.
The Humble Club is an up-and-coming streetwear brand with products like hats, socks, stickers and apparel, crafted with a specific message and a purpose.
FGCU Psychology major Robbi Coltune and her two business partners Joelle Metsch and Daniel Nitzani are working on launching the clothing brand in a few weeks.
Prototypes of pink, black and grey t-shirts and hoodies with the word “humble” displayed in American sign language across the chest were posted on FGCU’s Class of 2020 Facebook page, offering prospective customers a glimpse into The Humble Club.
“We chose the name ‘The Humble Club’ because we believe that as we live our lives day by day it is so important to remember how fortunate we truly are,” Coltune said.
The pinks and greys on t-shirts are the result of six- years’ worth of friendship, and the desire to have something to call their own.
The beginning phases of building a brand comes with producing designs, logos and printing t-shirts. With the brand’s projected launch with their vision.
Creating trendy and comfortable clothing is the company’s goal, according to Coltune. However, the company aims to give back. According to Coltune, one of the cornerstones of the brand is to give back to the community, which has prompted the young entrepreneurs to donate 10 percent of every purchase to various organizations every month.
For now, the trio has thought about donating to the Friendship Circle, however, according to Coltune, the team is still sorting out the logistics about who they will donate to.
“Our goal is to share our unique style with the world, while spreading love and humility,” Coltune said. “We wanted to build a brand that is not only trendy, but something that will make everyone (feel) comfortable and good about what they’re wearing.”
Coltune said she hopes the brand will be well- known in the future and that people will continue to support the clothing brand.
“Although we are starting off small, our hope is to spread our art and our message to people all over the world.”

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    ScottOct 24, 2017 at 10:11 am

    What a well written article! This sounds great, I’m looking forward to hearing more about The Humble Club.