Police Beat: Vehicle search, fake ID, and gas siphoning

On Tuesday, March 6, a vehicle was searched on FGCU south bridge loop. Officers identified alcohol and trace amounts of marijuana in the vehicle.

The driver was cited for failing to use due care on a curve, for possession of alcohol and marijuana while under the age of 21, and for presenting officers with a fake ID.

A 6 foot alligator was resting on the sidewalk between McTarnaghan Hall and the Cohen Center on Wednesday, March 7. Officers arrived on scene to ensure public safety.

A caller reported to UPD that he believed gas was siphoned from his parked car at a sports game he attended the night before at Alico Arena on Tuesday, March 7. The caller reported to UPD he parked his car in a secluded area and that when he returned to his vehicle at the end of the game the gas door was left open and the gauge read he had half of a tank remaining.

On Saturday, March 10, an individual got stuck in the South Village Eagle Hall elevator due to power loss in the building after a semi-truck hit a major power pole on Corkscrew road, causing outages across the area. 911 was called and Lee Control was notified. The individual was able to get out of the elevator prior to UPD arrival.

In the North Lake Village Commons, a male subject was passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle on Sunday, March 11, at 4:43 a.m. Officers tested the subject but there were not enough substance indicators to warrant arrest. The subject’s friend picked the subject up and transported him home.