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Swipe smarter with Tinder U

Nina Mendes/EN Photo // FGCU student swipes right on Tinder

By Nina Mendes
Contributing Writer
Step one: Download the dating app of choice for iOS or Android.
Step two: When prompted, tap “Log in with Facebook.”
Step three: Begin viewing profiles by swiping right to show interest, or swiping left to pass a user.
With a multitude of dating pools to fish from, online apps, such as Tinder, have become the most favored choice for teens and young adults. It has never been easier to spark a conversation with a complete stranger while alone in bed, snuggled up with a pint of Halo Top. Users create a profile, compose a witty one-liner to copy & paste into a bio, and an array of potential matches in one’s area will be revealed. The concept of communicating digitally to break the ice, rather than an awkward face-to-face first encounter, is very appealing to college students especially. The students at FGCU are no exception to this trend.
At the end of August, Tinder announced its new platform, inspired by its student demographics, called Tinder U. The service requires users to enter their .edu email address before allowing access, therefore, creating a more secure network when swiping. The only difference between Tinder and Tinder U is that the new service displays a badge representing the university/college a user attends.
Tinder U provides many benefits for students looking to dive into a committed relationship, or for those satisfied with quick hookups. Users who are not looking for anything romantic can also use the app as a way of expanding their friendship circle.
Safety is the most prominent enhancement that the service offers. By only previewing profiles of students that attend the same school as a user (or a school in the area), it eases tension by knowing the other student is not some random, neighborhood creep. Since both parties are documented in a school system, it is much more difficult to lie about age or other significant factors without being caught. It’s also more accessible to research a person due to the advancement of social media and the possibility of others personally knowing the individual.
Location is also a key component as to why Tinder U is the best choice for college students. Although other apps base user’s feeds off of geographical location as well, there is nothing more convenient than matching with a user on the fourth floor of Eagle Hall compared to someone else five miles away. Both options are “local,” but there is a clear divide when it comes to practicality. Determining matches on a stricter location-scale will also assist students that do not have a mode of private transportation, such as a car, on campus.
Convenience is also taken into consideration and goes hand-in-hand with the location factor of Tinder U. It requires much less energy, and is a lot cheaper, to meet with a match at the campus library, rather than the nearest movie theater. Tinder U promotes more accessible meetups among users which is attractive to the app’s audience. The approach of being able to meet someone, but not having to go out of the way to do so is very tempting to the average student.
The benefits of Tinder U are interrelated and have been constructed to support the fast-paced lifestyle of a college student. The app strives to make dating on campus more appealing while addressing concerns regarding issues, such as safety. Tinder listens to their clients and implements feedback constructively by supplying users with what they demand. The development of the new service demonstrates Tinder attempting to rise above their competition and is a great step forward in the right direction.

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