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FGCU doesn’t offer enough classes

EN Photo by Sam Palmisano // A student browses available classes at FGCU.

By Jessica Covitz
Staff Writer
As the fall semester comes to an end, picking classes for spring begins. At FGCU, choosing classes can be a very difficult and stressful task, especially when there might not be many class options to choose from. This has been a struggle for students for many students.
The lack of class options has disrupted students’ track to graduate on time. With each major comes a set of courses that need to be completed in order to graduate, but some classes are only offered during specific semesters. This can be very inconvenient for a student wanting to graduate in the fall semester, but still needing a class that is only offered in the spring semester.
It’s difficult to plan out what courses to take because the university does not release the course schedule for all three semesters at the same time. For example, if you need a certain class but don’t know if it will be offered in the following semester, it can eventually become an obstacle that will set you back and delay your graduation date. Offering the same courses every semester would help students complete their degree on time and not have to stress about being set back.
There are about 15,000 students enrolled at FGCU, but since the university’s campus is on the smaller side, it hinders the amount of classroom space available for students. Due to the lack of space, the school has started implementing more hybrid classes. Hybrid classes only meet once a week and have an online component to substitute for another day of in-person class meeting. The hybrid classes make it easier for professors to teach more classes.
“I am the type of student that doesn’t like sitting in class for a long time, so I enjoy taking hybrid classes more because I only have to go to that class once a week,” communication major and junior Lily Horwitz said.
FGCU does not offer many online classes. Perhaps that should be something the university should think about supplying more of due to the lack of classroom space and staff. It would be in the university’s best interest to offer additional online courses that are offered only one time per semester.
“I wish FGCU offered more of the classes I need because I’m afraid I won’t be able to graduate on time,” business senior Chris L. said.
Another obstacle students face when choosing classes is the time and day options. At FGCU, most classes are either offered for Tuesday and Thursday or Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you are a student with a job it can be strenuous to figure out how to work around the few class times that are offered.
Many students will try to cram their classes into just a few days per week so they can have days dedicated for their jobs, extracurriculars and homework. Although it is a good selection for most, it can be tough for students who have jobs and are not flexible enough to switch up the days of classes offered.
Registering for classes is extremely competitive due to the first come first serve process of choosing. The anxiety students will experience at 6 a.m. while registering for classes could be relieved if the school offered more class options and better availability for students.

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