Experiencing Life the Eagle Way


Emma Diehl, Staff Writer

After two years of virtual Eagle View Orientation (EVO), incoming freshmen are finally able to learn what life at FGCU is like, live and in person. With COVID-19 numbers significantly lower than they were at this point in 2020 and 2021, new eagles have been coming to campus for a two-day, one-night program.

Senior Orientation Team Leader, Sebastian Mercado experienced his EVO online and did not get to participate in any in-person events until he arrived on campus his freshman year.

“The Eagles Care presentation is so much more engaging this time around and I love the effort put into it making it fun,” Mercado said. “In all reality, I wished I had an in-person orientation experience because it is so much more fun and I feel like I would have been more prepared and engaged coming into FGCU.”

Part of the orientation program included the More You Know sessions, which discussed topics ranging from career advice to service learning. Incoming freshman Brisheria Burden talked about her EVO experience on June 1st and 2nd and how it helped inform her decisions for the fall semester.

“Orientation was extremely helpful in clarifying what I can do on campus and how my financial aid package is distributed,” Burden said. “I learned that I need to put myself out there. I’m looking forward to furthering my academic career and making new friends my freshman year.”

After two years of being involved with EVO, Mercado has seen groups of incoming freshmen come and go, but his advice for new students remains the same.

“Make sure you have your service-learning hours completed as soon as possible, it’s always best to have them done before senior year,” Mercado said. “My second piece of advice is to get involved. I got involved and I feel like I know myself a lot better now.”

Orientation dates will continue until the final group participates in their program on July 27th and 28th. Students should check their eagle email regularly for updates about their orientation programs, course registration, and other essential information sent out by orientation leaders and members of the admissions staff.

“I think orientation was helpful for me since it helped me learn more about college life, dorms, and what FGCU has to offer students,” Freshman Dylan McCormick said. “I learned about the many different ways you can get help when it comes to academics.”