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Bill Porter fights for a role in the Power Rangers TV series

He can kick, punch and act. Bill Porter is a student at Florida Gulf Coast University and is training for the Mixed Martial Arts World Championship and auditioned for the Power Rangers series.

Since he was 5, Porter has been involved in gymnastics and mixed martial arts. His interest in MMA comes from watching television shows such as “Power Rangers.” In fact, one of his first instructors was Jason David Frank, an actor from the show.
Porter considers himself a mixed martial arts artist who practices taekwondo, a Korean martial art, which involves kicking and blocking moves. This is similar to his karate and the Filipino martial arts, eskrima. But eskrima is a technique using wooden sticks, his hands and samurai swords.
Whenever he is fighting someone in a competition, Porter uses a combination of the techniques.
“I’m comfortable with whatever works,” he said. “As a martial artist, you have to know different styles.”
Porter said schoolwork takes a lot of his time but he spends three to four days a week doing cardio, lightweight lifting and practicing his moves. He plans to spend the next eight to 10 weeks training alone. He hopes to earn his title as the world champion for the fourth time.

With so much training, Porter is still uncertain about one thing.

“I don’t know who am I going to fight or how many people I will fight. It depends. I might fight two people or 10 people.”
The three-day tournament takes place in Italy in mid-July.

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Before the tournament, Porter auditioned for a role in California as a Power Ranger back in May. He hopes to be the green ranger.
“I fit the profile better,” he said. “I am good with swords. He is a picky eater. I am a vegetarian. Obviously I am a picky eater. And he is very disciplined, very respectful.”
Porter has done light training to avoid looking too bulky for the auditions. His training involved acting too. He met with FGCU assistant professor and theatre program leader Taylor Layton for helpful tips.
“It’s been a while since I auditioned. I want to be on my game,” he said. “ I did modeling and acting as a boy, and (I am) getting back into it now.”
Porter’s agent Gerald Rizzo has known Porter for 12 years.
“We have our fingers crossed,” Rizzo said.
Rizzo explains that there are five auditioning rounds. The first round requires Porter’s resume, headshot and audition video, which 20,000 other

candidates have done. The next three rounds involve acting based on a script the agency officials provide. A skill presentation follows the audition to show his MMA knowledge to a panel of judges, including the casting director. Finally, Porter will present in front of three judges: the producer, a former power ranger and the casting director.
Porter has gone through all five rounds.
Porter did not want to share his audition video; however, he explained his script. He finds and joins two chairs side by side as the school-bus seat. He comes close and pretends to speak with a female who sits on the seat. He asks if he could sit next to her then begins a conversation.
Porter said that the audition would not have happened if it weren’t for his mother who made some phone calls and received 10 letters of recommendations and the audition for his son.
Porter and Rizzo wait for the decision and do not know when it will be.

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