It’s Pesky Pet Peeve Week!

Sadie Wilke, Staff Writer

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, everyone is annoyed by something. Pet peeves are inevitably part of our lives and what better time to discuss them than National Pet Peeve week!

The second full week of October is recognized as National Pet Peeve week. Many people are unaware of this, but it offers a great excuse to complain about your pet peeves and tell your friends about all the things that bother you, big or small. Oftentimes, many people share similar pet peeves like someone chewing with their mouth open or hearing nails on a chalkboard.

“The thing that irritated me most is the repetition of tapping or scratching things,” freshman Christian Hollis said.

The repeating noise acts as a constant distraction that leads to frustration. While the person tapping may find it comical or soothing, everyone else typically grows annoyed with the sound. This is a pet peeve that many people can relate to. At some point during school, you’ve been sitting in an already boring class, attempting to focus, but cannot help to become overwhelmingly annoyed with the never-ending tip-tap of the pen from the kid next to you.

Simple little gestures like pen-tapping seem so harmless but are oftentimes the source of the greatest frustrations. Thinking back to these pet peeves, it’s easy to laugh, but everyone knows that in the moment, you may want to punch the other person.

While many people are irritated by common things, others have very unique pet peeves that just get on their nerves. These kinds of pet peeves are the most fun to share with friends and family because while they may annoy you, they are fun to laugh with others about.

“My biggest pet peeve is staining clothes because you can ruin something and never get it back the same way again,” freshman Kate McCartney said.

McCartney has great style so you can only imagine her frustration when she stains the newest addition to her wardrobe. Going shopping for the whole day and spending money on clothes can become extra irritating when you spill something on your new outfit. Your whole day and money are practically wasted!

Ask anyone, anywhere, and you will hear stories and elaborate explanations about the things that bother people. Talking about pet peeves often brings people closer together because while people may not admit it, there is a weird bond that comes from sharing things that annoy us, things we love to complain about. So, this week, don’t be afraid to ask your friends about their pet peeves.

“By talking about my pet peeves with my friends I’ve been able to sustain healthy relationships with my roommates and with my boyfriend,” sophomore Kendyl Stalker said. “We know how the other feels and can kind of sympathize with each other. It keeps me from being angry over a pet peeve of mine if we can talk about it.”

You’ll be surprised at how similar some of your irritants are or you’ll be laughing at how hilarious theirs’ are. Either way, National Pet Peeve week is something to be talked about simply because it’s a great conversation starter for anyone of any age!

“If they don’t know that it bothers you, they will never learn to be aware of it,” Stalker said. “You’re able to really understand the other person and become aware of these different things. This effort and these types of discussions allow you to form a bond with people!”