Do Students Feel Safe After Their Night Classes End?

Kendell Gordon, Staff Writer

FGCU is a university known for giving as many opportunities as possible for students, which also includes flexibility for class schedules. Whether it be for the early birds that prefer the crack of dawn, the homebodies that prefer to stay at home and take online classes, or the night owls that are at school when it’s dark, there’s something for everyone.

Depending on whom you ask, night classes are either one of the creepiest environments you can be a part of or one of the most relaxing experiences. 

“Night classes for me are more preferred, especially since I have to work during the day,” freshman Miguel Guerrero said. “Having fewer students gives more one-on-one time with the professor and understanding of the material.”

Guerrero gives a mostly positive response regarding the night owls of our school. He typically works during the afternoon, so it helps to have classes that are ideal for his schedule. As he said, not many students take these classes, so it allows for a higher level of concentration when doing assignments with his peers.

Although it is mostly positive, he noticed some downsides when going to his car. He usually walks from Merwin to Garage 3 and in his words, they are “extremely sketchy,” There are little to no lights while walking through that side of the campus. It gives off an uncomfortable feeling just simply walking to his destination.

A lot of students do prefer smaller class sizes since typically night classes aren’t the first pick for many students at FGCU.

“I personally love them, especially for those who have to work,” senior Natalie Milburn said. “Plus, the capacity is smaller so I feel we can communicate better and have better discussions. I think people are more awake and engaged because people wouldn’t be as tired since they could rest more.”

Milburn sees night classes as a win as well. The connection you make between professors and students makes the material easier to grasp. She talked about how she had tried early morning classes and that they were very draining, especially when she had to commute about an hour away from school. For someone who works during the day, it’s a huge benefit when the hours work for her instead of against her.

For me, night classes have their strengths as well as their weaknesses. As mentioned earlier by other students, it is meant for those who need a flexible schedule and wish for a closer interaction with their class. However, there are times when walking through the dark campus, especially with Daylight Savings, can make you feel a little uneasy. 

Last semester I was taking a marketing class that was three hours long that ended at 7:30 p.m. Walking from Lutgert to parking Garage 3 while having headphones in was pretty relaxing after a long day. There were was no one passing by, not even the occasional student skateboarding; all the eye could see was long hallways. There were areas that were less lit than others, so I found myself moving a bit faster than usual. 

Not only can taking night classes be slightly creepy since all of FGCU isn’t totally lit up, but night classes can also be inconvenient when it comes to wanting to take part in the campus nightlife.

“I do enjoy having night classes, however, when it comes to events that occur at night my classes always seem to conflict,” senior Sebastian Mercado said. “It’s a big letdown having to miss some fun event that I want to go to just because I have class at night.”

In any case, night classes at FGCU are an experience for those who are more night-oriented or for those who feel like they learn better in smaller environments. It’s the time of day when interactions with professors are more personal and beneficial for those who are well suited to it.