FGCU Celebrates President Martin’s Retirement and Officially Launches New Logo

Addyson McCullough, Staff Writer

FGCU hosted an event at the Veterans Pavilion, Wednesday, Dec. 7, to celebrate President Michael Martin and the rebranding of FGCU with the official launch of the new logo. 

The pep band and cheerleaders welcomed spectators with music and dancing while FGCU’s mascot Azul entertained the crowd. Free t-shirts with the new logo, along with Italian ice and coffee were available to students and staff that attended the reveal celebration. 

“I think that it uses our most recognizable logo, which is the eagle head from our athletic logo.. and I also think it shows FGCU is young and exciting, which we are. We are the second youngest school in the state university system, so it’s a really good representation of us,” Student Body President Grace Brannigan said. 

Students, faculty and staff came to celebrate the new logo and President Martin’s unofficial retirement party. 

“I think it was a great turnout. There’s a lot more people that I thought were going to be here,” Abby Katz, an FGCU cheerleader said. 

While some have their own personal opinions about the style of the new logo, it is widely recognized that branding will be made easier. 

“I think the new logo looks great. I think it’s a newer form of saying that we’re in a new era after Hurricane after everything that’s happened,” Katz said. 

Others have opposing opinions. 

“It’s not my favorite,” Amaar Rahman, an FGCU student, said. “It’s pretty simple, so it’ll be easier to mass produce everywhere.” 

Brannigan, President Martin, Associate Vice President Jorge Lopez, and Baseball Coach Dave Tollet all spoke at the event, all honoring President Martin, his time at FGCU, and the new logo. 

“Even as my time at FGCU comes to a close, I am proud of what the university stands for and what it is becoming. The new logo, and new president, the students at FGCU should be more than proud of the advancements that have been made,” President Martin said.