Joan’s Fools’ Day

A short story about April Fools’ Day


Photo by Unsplash

Ronique Bobb, Contributing Writer

Since she first learned of the holiday at Banon Middle through High school, Joan was the queen of April Fools’ day. What piqued Joan’s interest was that she saw everyone who committed a prank get a free pass on that day only. Joan started pranking her closest friends by switching their real pencils with rubber ones. One day, she asked one of her best friends Gil to hold her phone then Joan accidentally bumped into him. Gil dropped her phone onto the ground, he picked it up and it was completely shattered. Gil panicked so much, he started to cry and apologize profusely. Joan let him know while laughing, it was only an app on her phone and not to cry, anymore. This genuine reaction from Gil encouraged Joan to think of more mischievous pranks to get that same reaction.

She moved on from her friends to her teachers and classmates she didn’t even know. Joan took it as far as putting plastic wrap across the opening of the science class door for Mrs. Tully to walk through. When the final class bell rang, Principal Gutter walked through the plastic wrap, and his thick round orange glasses got stuck. With the plastic wrap disorienting Principal Gutter, he stepped and slipped on his glasses and fell flat on his back. Principal Gutter had to go to the chiropractor for three weeks straight. 

Joan was so pleased by the results plus she was becoming the school’s best prankster, she didn’t care she had to be in detention until the Principal got better. She could also care less that during her free periods, she had to clean the bathrooms and cafeteria with the cleaning staff. As Joan grew up she never stopped her pranks. She became a landlord and owned most of the businesses in her hometown of Dummer, Florida. Joan began pranking her tenants because she knew she could not get in trouble.  

She threw pranks like giving everyone an eviction notice at 8 a.m. on April 1 and they had to move out by 11:59 p.m. Once it hit midnight. Joan got a huge Banner in front of her buildings that said “April Fools.” Another time she put edible red dye in all of her buildings’ water systems and the entire police department and townsfolk went berserk. While Joan was away at a business meeting in July, the townspeople gathered complaining that they have had enough of Joan and her pranks. They devised a plan that on the night of Mar. 31 the entire town would leave Dummer, Florida. They knew that nothing would hurt Joan more than having no one to prank on April Fools’ Day. 

On that fateful night of March 31, the entire town of Dummer fled. Joan woke up at 5:00 a.m. to enact her greatest plan, she hooked up a speaker to each of her buildings and was going to play the I’m a Barbie Girl song to wake everyone up at 6:30 a.m. Once she did, no one came out of their homes. Not even when shops were supposed to open at 8 a.m. Joan even went into some of her tenants’ homes, but no one was home. She quickly realized it was a prank and it didn’t feel good to be alone and to be on the other side of the prank stick. 

Especially, since she rigged the speakers to play until 5 p.m. that day. Once, the townspeople came back, instead of confronting the town and apologizing, she pranked even harder the following year. Since then in Dummer, Florida, April Fools’ day is Joan’s Fools; day. Where she is forced to be alone on April Fools’ while the town holds a town get-together far, far away.