FGCU Car Club Scales Back Events to Students and Alumni Only


Alex Ferber

FGCU Car Club now requires proof of FGCU affiliation to attend their meets.

Kipp Greenwell, Contributing Writer

Car enthusiasts of FGCU and the surrounding area have, since 2014, found community within the FGCU Car Club and its regular events, both on and off campus. 

The club’s Eagle Link page describes it as a relaxed environment where people can meet and discuss cars. Despite the club’s prior status of being open to outside association, as of spring 2023, only students and alumni will be welcome at the campus-held events. 

“This decision has come for a couple of reasons. First of which is repeat occurrences of club rule violations. Multiple counts of reckless driving and excessive revving have exhausted our patience. Secondly, this is the start of a new direction for the club. This club was built by students for students. This does not mean that we will not host public events. Any event which takes place off campus will be welcome to anyone who wishes to attend. Only our campus meets are subject to these restrictions,” reads the club’s Instagram announcement, posted on March 14. 

Production by Nick Asselin

Students that live on campus say they can hear revving on nights that the car meets take place.

“On one hand, FGCU is a residence. They had rules to not rev, burnout, drive recklessly, etc., because people live there. Outside groups would join and consistently break those rules because they’re used to rowdy exterior meets, but they’re aware of FGCU’s rules and thus inconvenience the entire campus,” Charlie Pervaza, an FGCU student and member of the Car Club, said. 

The question of how this decision will impact the Car Club’s attendance is one of worry now, though, amongst some of the members.

“The meets are going to be pretty small now. And who’s to say FGCU students won’t blast their cars once leaving the meet, where the club has no jurisdiction? That’s my take! It’s a bold choice of them, one made for the better of this campus,” Pervaza said. 

The FGCU Car Club announces their meets on their Instagram, @fgcu_cc. Photo credit to Jack Thomas Media