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Don’t limit yourself to the letters, no opportunities to grow in Greek life


It is a part of human nature to want to be accepted, whether it be by a family, group of friends, a team, or for some naive newbies, Greek organizations is where they want to find their place.
Greek life is not something that any freshman should ever want to commit to. First, you are limiting yourself to one organization that will take up all of your time that could be spent on school work or other extra curricular activities.
In clubs and intramural sports, you can still make a ton of friends that have things in common with you. Sororities and fraternities are not the only place you can make strong bonds that may last a lifetime.
The biggest issue with Greek organizations, especially concerning sororities, is the unreasonable exclusivity. Every sorority and fraternity searches for recruits that fit their “type”. Do you look just like us?
Every division is like a factory, creating their own Barbie and Ken dolls that look, act, and talk the same way. If you are close enough to the model they are looking for, they will shape and mold you into another mindless clone.
When I went to my orientation, most of the sorority girls acted like I didn’t exist. I did not have “the look” they wanted. My friend that was walking with me, however, attracted the recruiters like a magnet because she had the typical blond hair, tanned skin that screams “I know how to sport those Greek letters!”
I know I’m not the only one with this experience.
If you choose to participate in a certain sorority, a label is placed on you as soon as you are accepted into an organization.
You all know the different stereotypes: the Zetas, Pikes, Tri Deltas? If you aren’t already aware of all these stereotypes as an incoming freshman, there is no doubt you will be well informed by the time your second semester comes around.
Do you really want to be involved in something that does not allow you to have a personality of your own? How about something that plans out your social calendar for you?
The Greek life makes plans for its members. Sure, it can be nice for someone who has a difficult time creating their own schedule, but when there are constant parties and other events, it is a challenge to maintain time management skills. Keeping up your grades is hard enough with a flexible schedule.
For those who wish to branch out completely and gain the full college experience, I believe that the way to do it is to join a variety of different clubs instead of putting all of your time and effort into one organization. It is a complete waste of valuable time and it closes you off from other opportunities other clubs will offer you.

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