A Week in Photos at FGCU


Jessica Piland

Eagle Media Sports Director, Nick Asselin, interviews FGCU baseball player Brian Ellis after he broke the national record for most consecutive games on base.

On Monday April 10, 2023, students and faculty gathered on the library lawn in protest of House Bill 999. (Jessica Piland)
A student speaks out against House Bill 999 that is currently making its way through the Florida Legislature. During the protest, individuals had the opportunity to share their concerns about the effect of this bill if passed. (Jessica Piland)
Even during cloudy days, the sun still manages to shine through the clouds and upon FGCU’s campus. Photo by Alyssa Oquendo.
Brian Ellis holds up first base after breaking the national record for most consecutive games on base. Ellis was first up to bat for the Eagles Tuesday night and received a ball which led to the breaking the record. The game was paused after the play to celebrate this achievement. (Jessica Piland)