UPD Beat: Baby Raccoon Found Under Car

Tori Foltz, Editor-in-Chief

UPD was called by a female on April 20 stating that she had lost her wallet and had tracked it to Osprey Hall using an Apple air tag. Officers met her in Osprey lobby and advised her to replace her IDs and credit cards. There was no way to track the exact location of the wallet.

On April 22, someone called UPD to request an officer to North Lake Village. Three roommates were involved in a verbal dispute after the subject showed up with her family to move out at an early hour. No threats were made to either party and there was no physical contact involved. The locks were changed at the resident’s request. 

A 19-year-old male fell off his bike in front of McTarnaghan Hall on April 22. Lee County EMS was called, but the subject refused transport. UPD then requested a clean-up for the blood in front of the building. A medical response form was filed. 

A complainant called UPD on April 22 to report that she received a notification on her phone that an Apple air tag was following her since 12:22 p.m. The complainant did not own the air tag and cannot find it, but believes it is attached to her vehicle. UPD was unable to locate any air tags. UPD then had her drive to another location and drive back. The air tag disconnected. An unknown individual showed up on her phone sharing her location. UPD informed the complainant to stop sharing her location and to block the individual. 

On April 24, a subject stated she was walking from McTarnaghan Hall to the bus loop when two males pulled her pants down from behind and ran away. The subject stated she was wearing a long shirt and was not exposed.

A female called UPD on April 24 to report that there was a baby raccoon underneath her vehicle near Biscayne Hall. She then called back to say the raccoon walked away and she no longer needed assistance.