FGCU President-Elect Timur Confirmed

Addyson McCullough, Assignment & Features Editor

Today, at 1:10 p.m., President-Elect Aysegul Timur was confirmed as FGCU’s fifth president during the Board of Governors regular meeting. 

Board of Governors (BOG) chair Brian Lamb opened the meeting with public comment. Attendees, online viewers, and the board heard from Tanner Kelly, an FGCU student.

“Florida Gulf Coast University Student Government [is supportive of] the confirmation of Dr. Timur, our next university president,” Kelly said. “Dr. Timur received support from the students when we held forums on the matter. She was integral in the creation of our upcoming strategic plan.”

After public comment, Lamb and one BOG member Alan Levine recognized former president Mike Martin. 

“Mr. Mike Martin, my friend, I just want to say thank you. You have served this great state for many years and you have provided your sage advice. You have always found incredibly unique ways to give us feedback, guidance,” said Lamb. “You’ll be missed buddy. I just want you to know it. And I want to recognize you amongst your friends, peers and colleagues and the state university system for your debt of gratitude. Thank you Mike.” 

Lamb then led the BOG through a few other motions as well as updates on presidential searches for Florida Atlantic University and New College of Florida. 

The chair of FGCU’s Board of Trustees, Blake Gable, spoke on the presidential search process. During the period of time applications were open, 92 were received. Through an intense process, the presidential search committee narrowed down the search to eight candidates and brought them to FGCU for interviews. There were only four candidates the presidential search committee felt should go before the board. On May 4, 2023, Timur was elected the fifth president of FGCU. 

“We have been building and growing over the past 25 years and have become a leading economic engine in southwest Florida and beyond. We have created, as an institution, a continuous feedback loop between the growth of the university and the needs of the region as part of the state of Florida,” said President-Elect Timur. “As Chair Lamb said yesterday, we are in this all together and I’m so grateful to be part of this game changing experience. Thank you. Go eagles and wings up!”