FGCU Announces Boardwalk Connecting South Village to Main Campus

Tori Foltz, Executive Editor

Students, faculty and staff received an email today on behalf of David Vasquez, the vice president of Administrative Services and Finance, to relay that FGCU has begun clearing the way for its final boardwalk.

According to the email, the boardwalk will connect South Village to main campus, which will provide a safe and lighted pathway for anyone who travels between. The walkway will be about 12 feet wide and span about 1.35 acres.

The boardwalk will have three entrances including SoVi Dining, Bower School of Music and the Arts and Recreation Field 1.

The project has passed all environmental and wildlife reviews, according to the email, and has been authorized through a permit issued by the U.S. Army Corps. 

“The goal is to maintain as much of the natural environment as possible, and access to nearby walking trails and a lookout platform will be built into the design,” the email reads.

The funds to complete this project are primarily covered from the Financing Corporation. This boardwalk was also a part of FGCU’s master plan, as well as discussed at the January Board of Trustees meeting. 

The university is making way for the boardwalk now, but construction will not begin until after the rainy season subsides. The email states that the work will take between three and five months, estimating it will be ready to use by the end of the spring 2024 semester.