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Five Teens Dead in Car Crash Near Topgolf 

Sometime between 10:30 p.m. Sunday and early Monday morning, five teens died after crashing into a retention pond near the Fort Myers Topgolf. The vehicle was submerged according to the News-Press. Skid marks were left along the road where it seems the teens lost control of the vehicle and went off the road. The vehicle was a black Kia sudan. Four of the teens were employees of Texas Roadhouse and were on their way home from work when they crashed into the pond. Texas Roadhouse honored their memory by closing on Monday to feed the friends and families of those lost. Texas Roadhouse continues to honor the teens with memorials outside the establishment. 

Low-income Housing Coming to North Naples

The Collier County commissioners decision to accommodate low-income housing was approved on Tuesday with a unanimous vote, according to the News-Press. The plans allow for 120 new units to be added onto the Tree Farm Mixed-Use Planned Unit Development. Fifty-eight of these units will be reserved for low-income families. Habitat for Humanity will be building the condo-style homes and reserving them for families making less than 80% of the county’s median income. Keeping up with one of Habitat for Humanity’s goals, these homes will be owned by their residents. A private developer is funding the building of the other 62 homes. A percentage of which will be reserved for teachers, firefighters, police officers and other essential workers. 

Sanibel Beaches Officially Open After Hurricane Ian

The City of Sanibel is officially opening all of its public access beaches after the destruction of Hurricane Ian according to Wink News. While all public beaches are open to beachgoers, the fishing pier near Lighthouse Beach Park will remain closed. The city announced on June 29 that Bayside parking lot at 110-153 Periwinkle Way for Lighthouse Beach Park and Causeway Beach parking lot at 888 Sextant Drive, next to the boat ramp are open as of June 30. All parking locations require a parking permit or beachgoers can pay through hourly parking. 

Community Protests Fort Myers Immigration Law

Protesters marched four miles from Centennial Park down Palm Beach Boulevard in reaction to Senate Bill 1718 according to Wink News. The bill will become law July 1 after Gov. Ron Desantis’s office released a statement on June 28. The protesters held signs and told Wink News they felt they were being put into a system where they cannot be liberated. The new law requires employers to verify employee’s employment eligibility using a program called e-verify. Employers who do not comply will be fined $1,000 a day. The law also requires hospitals to collect and report costs for illegal immigrants. Florida’s new law is one of the strictest in the country.


Former Sheriff’s Deputy Acquitted After Accusal of Failing to Protect Students in Parkland Shooting

A Florida Jury acquitted the former deputy who had been accused of not protecting Parkland students to the fullest extent in the Parkland shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018 according to Reuters.com. Scot Peterson had been charged with 11 counts of child neglect, culpable negligence and perjury. These charges could have resulted in a 97 year sentence. The jury found him not guilty of every charge. After the school shooting, Peterson was accused of not doing enough to protect the students. At the time he was an armed officer at MSDHS and surveillance footage showed him remaining outside while the shooting was occurring. 

Florida Health Advisory Issued After Four Cases of Malaria

Four cases of Malaria have been diagnosed and treated in Sarasota County. This is the first time in 20 years that there has been a local spread, according to AP News. Malaria is caused by a parasite carried by Anopheles mosquitoes and is transmitted through a bite. It causes numerous symptoms like fever, chills, sweats, nausea and vomiting. Malaria cannot be spread person to person. Residents in surrounding counties are taking extra precautions like bug repellent and not going outside in the evenings. Manatee County is controlling mosquito populations with helicopters. Other counties are following suit. 

Florida Sheriff States Eric Aden Drowning not a Result of Riptides

Okaloosa Sheriff Eric Aden released a statement this week stating there were not dangerous water conditions surrounding the death of Former NFL Quarterback Ryan Mallett. Mallett was entering his second year coaching high school football after his final NFL season in 2017. Authorities said he was one of six other individuals who were struggling in the water when Destin Beach Safety responded after being told one swimmer had submerged but never resurfaced. Three lifeguards went into the water to retrieve Mallett, who was unresponsive when brought back to shore, according to nbcsports.com. Aden stated the whole incident was a tragic accident, but had nothing to do with the surf conditions or riptides. 

Florida Parents Bring Their Toddler to Jail for Potty Training Problems

Two parents in Florida are under investigation after admitting to, as high-ranking police officers, bringing their 3-year-old to jail for struggling to potty train. Lt. Michael Schoenbrod of the Daytona Beach Shores Public Safety Department has admitted to bringing his older son to jail in the past for acting out in preschool, and saying it was an “effective” punishment according to The Washington Post. Schoenbrod was caught on body-cam footage bringing the toddler to jail and putting him in handcuffs where the child is seen crying and promised not to soil himself again. The couple was told they were facing an internal investigation for their actions, but these findings have not yet been made public. 


U.S. Supreme Court Made Big Decisions This Week with More to Come

This week, the Supreme Court is expected to announce major decisions regarding student loan forgiveness, the clash of gay and religious rights, affirmative action rights and voting, according to an article by AP News. One case is regarding a Christian artist in Colorado who  is objecting to include same-zex couples in her wedding website company. Yesterday, justices overturned admissions plans at Harvard and the University of North Carolina declaring race cannot be a factor when searching to achieve for diverse student bodies. Additionally, in a unanimous decision it was made clear that workers who ask for religious accommodations must be granted them unless the employer can prove substantial financial loss.  

Union Workers give UPS a Friday Deadline for Better Contract

The head of a union representing 340,000 UPS workers walked away from negotiations on Wednesday fed up with the last offer by UPS. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters has announced that a strike is imminent unless the delivery service giant gives their best offer by today, Friday the 30, according to data found in AP News. Frustrated by the counterproposal they were given, Teamster officials say they are disappointed in not receiving the give and take a financial proposal of this size should usually have. 

Public Clash in Supreme Court Over Affirmative Action Ruling

Justices Ketanji Brown Jackson and Clarence Thomas had a public dispute this week in court over the decision to end affirmative action policies in institutions of higher education. These policies have allowed colleges and universities to consider race as a main factor in college admissions, but were overturned in court this week, according to Reuters.com. The two justices discussed how these policies, which have been used in higher education for decades, allowed schools to boost their numbers of Black and Hispanic students. The ruling this week held that these policies have been violating the promise of equal protection under the law as stated in the 14th Amendment. 

Canada Wildfires Causing Air Quality Alerts in Midwest

Late this week the Midwest has seen dangerously high numbers of red and purple air quality alerts. From Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Columbus, Ohio, there have been alerts for people to limit their time outside due to smoke coming from Canada’s wildfires. Some of the issued health warnings are for major cities while others cover entire regions. Upon receiving code red warnings, the elderly, young children and locals with respiratory sensitivities should be advised to avoid outdoor activities. With code purple alerts, officials warn all vulnerable people should avoid any physical activity outdoors and any others should avoid any prolonged exposure to the air, according to NPR.com