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Gabriella Lopez


FGCU Staff Morale Falling Facing Contract Disagreements

The union representing FGCU faculty members is expressing deep concern as professor morale is at its lowest. Students and Staff are urging the newly hired president, Aysegul Timur, to become involved in contract discussions. According to NBC2, Union President Carolynee Gischel said the union asked for an 11% raise to meet the cost of living expenses and the school settled at only 5%. Gischel believes that the school’s hiring of an attorney has only made negotiations more difficult. The union is accusing FGCU management of retaliation against some of its members. Students are pushing for staff members to get a salary raise as well.

Narcan Approval In Collier School After Increase In Fentanyl Seizures

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Collier County is striving to focus on safety as Narcan becomes approved in school clinics. Kevin Rambosk, Collier County Sheriff, launched the Laced and Lethal campaign to educate elementary students. According to Wink News, the county sheriff’s office is implementing training for the deputies to teach them how to help and remain safe.“Young people, as well as older, are overdosing daily or being exposed to synthetic opioids, and many times they don’t know it,” said Rambosk, “but when drugs, even prescription drugs, are laced with fentanyl — we have been told they are being laced, particularly those cheaper prescription style medicines coming out of the country — we’re finding up to 90% of those are laced with fentanyl.”

Lee County Approves Controversial Change of Building Height Codes 

The Lee County Board of Commissioners voted 4 to 1 Wednesday for approval to allow higher buildings to be built on Captiva Islands. After Tuesday’s vote to adopt the ordinance amending the codes, the approval shortly followed. South Seas Island Resort initially proposed the change causing a multitude of backlash from the residents and community groups. This approval would allow the resort to request rezoning on the island, enabling buildings to go above the initial two-story limit. According to Fox 4, the bill with amendments will now move to the state to gain approval.

Three Men arrested in Fort Myers After Holding Six People at Gunpoint

A trio of Neighbors was arrested this past weekend for kidnapping after holding a group of people in their car at gunpoint. Arrest reports state the scene happened in Shadow Wood Reserve Community on Parkside Greens Drive. Mathew Pound (43), Kenneth Roy (63), and Kenneth Hansen (76), went up to the car and blocked them from exiting. According to NBC2, reports state Hansen was attempting to break into the car while Roy held the passengers at gunpoint. The victims informed deputies that they were going to head over to the community pavilion and light off fireworks when they started to sing ‘Lean On Me’. The singing led to a person complaining about the noise. The men are facing multiple charges including kidnapping.



Gov. Desantis and Florida Surgeon Warn Against Recent COVID-19 Restrictions and Vaccine

Florida Gov. Desantis is critical of recent efforts to decrease the number of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. His state surgeon general is warning against receiving the most recent COVID-19 vaccine which is expected to become available this month. According to AP NEWS, Desantis’ campaign sent out an email that same day vowing to fight against left side control in regards to the COVID-19 protocols. Joseph Ladapo, Florida Surgeon General, promises alongside Desantis that Florida won’t be closing schools or making mask mandates in regards to the rising cases of COVID-19.

Florida Expecting New Classical Exam as a Competitor to SAT

University of Florida and Florida State University are expected to be the first to approve The Classic Learning Test which is typically used at religious colleges as an alternative to the SAT or ACT. Governor Ron Desantis included this next step in his attempts to shake up the college establishments. According to The New York Times, founder of the CLT, Jeremy Tate, states the test is made to avoid educational fads and expose students to rich intellectual material. The company makes statements that the test helps in “promoting a classical curriculum”. The College Board and ACT state that there is little research to show the CLT assesses college readiness.

Worrel Sues Desantis, Asks Florida Supreme Court to Reverse Suspension

Former Orange-Osceola state attorney, Monique Worrel, filed a lawsuit against Gov. Desantis, wanting to gain her job back. Worrel is pushing her case saying that Desantis’ allegations against her were vague. The lawsuit has caused the legal community and community organizers to rally, calling the governor’s actions “unconstitutional” at the recent press conference in Orange County on Tuesday. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Worrell is the second Democratic state attorney suspended by DeSantis. Last summer, the governor suspended Andrew Warren, a twice-elected state attorney for Hillsborough County who pledged not to prosecute doctors who provide abortions. In Worrel’s lawsuit, it states the governor hasn’t alleged any practice or lawsuit that could constitute a refusal to exercise prosecutorial discretion. 

St. Pete Roads and Neighborhoods Flooded After Idalia

After Hurricane Idalia touched down Wednesday, the roads of St. Petersburg have faced flooding that was so consequential that main roads and walkways are impassable. Nearly two feet of water flooded the residents of Snell Isle. According to Tampa Bay Times, resident Janeica Wallace was one of the many who endured water rushing into their homes. ”It’s come in before, but never this high or this bad,” Wallace said. St. Petersburg police officers turned people away from the pier which had to close due to the significant flooding. Many older residents struggled with the evacuations and getting to safety during the storm.



Hurricane Lee Rapidly Growing Into Category 4 Storm Approaching the Caribbean

Hurricane Lee has increased into a category 4 storm as wind speeds gain up to 130 mph according to the National Hurricane Center. The hurricane is predicted to be located about 780 miles east of the north Leeward Islands. The high pressure area, The Bermuda High, is expected to remain strong in the weekend, keeping Lee on the west-northwestern track. Multiple factors come into play to determine what route the storm may go. According to CNN, Lee’s winds are expected to reach a peak of 160 mph and a category 5 storm approaching Friday night. The storm is predicted to be dangerous for the southwestern Atlantic next week.

FAA Lifts Brief Nationwide Ground Stop for United Airlines.

A nationwide ground stop was lifted Tuesday, reports the Federal Aviation Administration. According to Military Aerospace,“We briefly held aircraft at their origin airports and resumed normal operations around 12:45 p.m. CT.,” United Airlines said. “Our teams are working to get customers to their destinations as soon as possible.” The statement was made Sept. 5. Reports state a software update was the result of the widespread delay. Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation, said, “FAA is currently receiving more information about the cause and scope of the issue, and DOT will make sure UA meets its obligations to affected passengers.”

Policy Regarding Children’s Pronouns Being Told To Parents Halted 

Wednesday, a judge stopped a Southern California school district from having to require students to share a gender identity change during school or use a different bathroom then stated as their gender. San Bernardino County Superior Court Judge Thomas S. Garza halted the policy while California Attorney General Rob Bonta filed a lawsuit against the Chino Valley Unified School District for having this policy. At a court hearing Wednesday, Garza brought up questions about the matter of why the policy exists and how it helps students. The next court hearing is scheduled for Oct.13. According to AP NEWS

Current Updates On Escaped Pennsylvania Convict, Danelo Cavalcante

A massive manhunt for convicted murderer Danelo Cavalcante has taken place after his escape from Chester County Prison last Thursday. Authorities state Cavalcante scaled a wall sideways, climbed razor wire, and jumped from a roof to make his escape. Police security footage shows him escaping from the prison yard to only be later noticed missing at an inmate count, 50 minutes after he had made his escape. The guard on duty has been put on leave as the search undergoes. According to NPR, sightings of Cavalcante have been made since Thursday and police are searching an area that stretches 7 square miles around Pocopson. A $20,000 reward has been placed for any information about the escaped prisoner.

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