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Tips and Tricks for Organizing Classes and Assignments

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School can sometimes be stressful, especially when starting a new semester with new classes and different expectations. This is why I have developed some tricks over the years that can be helpful to stay on top of assignments and achieve good grades overall. My first tip is that when each term starts, print the syllabus from each course as it provides all the essential information that you will need, such as professor contact information and assignment deadlines. This becomes handy when needing to schedule meetings with professors, as you know their office hours, as well as when assignments are due.  

After printing the syllabus, I use a highlighter and highlight all assignment due dates. After doing that, I get my calendar and input all the dates that I have assignments to turn in and the dates that I would be having an exam. Then, I put my calendar on my study table to ensure I am looking at it every day to avoid missing anything. 

Another tip is to download the Canvas app on my phone, as I can look at the assignments at any time, such as rubrics and descriptions, so that I can be ready when I decide to start a new task. 

By having Canvas on my phone, I can read anything that my professors post, such as comments and announcements. This is also helpful to see my grades once they are posted and if the professor left any explanations about my grade. A trick that many students sometimes use is downloading apps that send them quick messages when something is due. This can be helpful to some students who do not have the best memory because it ensures that they know what is coming up. Also, a tip that can make anyone’s life easier is to keep every course organized by getting a binder or folders with dividers so that every assignment from each class can be separated. Some classes still provide hard copies or send homework in printed papers, and by having all of them separate, it is easier to find them. 

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In order to excel in each class, organization is essential because it ensures that every assignment is being done on time. It is also helpful because we know where to find lesson lectures and notes to study before any important exam or significant final project. Maintaining organization in each class can be the difference between achieving a good grade and a good overall experience in the course. 

Another trick can be prioritizing whichever assignments are due first. For instance, some students do assignments when they feel like it instead of doing the ones that are due first. This can cause them to miss the deadline and later obtain a zero for not doing it. Then, when looking at Canvas, they see that they prioritized the wrong assignment. This is another reason why being on top of everything and having an organized schedule is the answer to success in each class. Organization is truly key. 

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