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A weekly recap of local, state and national news (Week of 9/25)
Gabriella Lopez


18 News Laws Created Involving Southwest Florida

On Oct. 1, 18 news laws were created explicitly for Southwest Florida. House Bill 949 is one of the bills that was proposed after a tragedy with a 3-year-old boy operating a golf cart and killing a 7-year-old. The law changes who can and can’t operate the vehicle. Senate Bill 942 allows dangerous dog breeding, such as pitbulls, in some areas. According to Wink News, “A maximum fine of $2,500 is set for interfering with participants in athletic or artistic events or going onto fields or stages without authorization, according to House Bill 319. The law also prohibits people from making money off of such exploits.”

One Year After Ian Fort Myers Beach Unveils New Clock

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One year after the loss of the notorious Fort Myers Beach clock in Times Square, the community gathered for the reveal of the replacement. According to NBC2, the hurricane ran through Florida washing away the remains of the previous clock. After the storm’s devastation, people are now able to once again enjoy a small piece of the beach that has been restored. The locals have focused on slowly bringing their community back to life by adding trees, repainting and creating a group clean-up. Citizens rejoiced after a speech was given about the strength of the community, and the clock’s donors cut the ribbon.

Active Construction On Sanibel Causeway Begins Sunday

The City of Sanibel received information from the Florida Department of Transportation regarding construction during October and November. According to NBC2, crews will continue to work on McGregor Boulevard and the Sanibel Causeway from Port Comfort Road to Sanibel Island. The department advises driving carefully and has stated that traffic may be slow. Drivers should keep in mind that sections of the lanes near the Causeway bridges will be narrowed to 10 feet and will have a one-foot barrier wall on each side. Drivers must remain at a speed of 20 mph and should expect a delay when driving at night.

Return of Sanibel’s Farmer Market On Sundays

Starting Oct. 1, Sanibel City Hall will continue their farmers market. Fresh bread, flowers, baked goods and other various goods will be sold. After almost a year, businesses like Daily Delice Bakery and Flying Eagle Kombucha are excited to be back at the market. According to Wink News, the energy has been high and citizens are happy to have this small piece of community back. People from all across Southwest Florida and out-of-state have been checking out the market as the sense of family and friendship has returned to the Sanibel Farmers Market.


Disney and Desantis Legal Battle Continues, Disney Demands Documents From Governor

Most recent information from this legal case shows Disney is demanding emails, texts and other communication from the governor’s office. Desantis wants the case thrown out from the Federal Court. According to AP News, “the confrontation started last year when Disney publicly opposed a state law banning classroom lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity in early grades, and DeSantis retaliated by taking over the governing district that provides municipal services for the 25,000-acre (10,117-hectare) Disney World theme park resort in Florida.” Disney filed the lawsuit claiming the governor has punished them for expressing their views.

Minimum Wage Increases to $12 in Florida

Sept. 30, 2021, the state amendment raising the minimum wage by $1 per hour each year for five years has the minimum wage now up to $12. The amendment plans for the wage to go up until 2026 and their minimum wage adjustments will be tied to annual inflation adjustments. According to Local10, the increase in pay will help workers making minimum wage earn enough money, but may have a negative effect on the amount of hours they get. Businesses, especially the ones who have suffered from the pandemic, have stated they may have to cut hours and even let people go with this increase in wages. According to the Consumer Price Index, Florida had the highest rate of inflation in the country in July, doubling the national average of 4%.

Florida Purchases Panther Habitat, Home to Indigenous Leader During Seminole Wars

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection obtained 17,229 acres of land as part of the Devil’s Garden Florida Forever Project. The $141 million dollar expense is planned to be used to help wildlife migrate north out of the Everglades. According to the News-Press, “that area is a really critical piece when you’re looking at connectivity and making sure we have a functional corridor and landscape for the Florida panther,” said Meredith Budd, director of external affairs at the Live Wildly Foundation. In 2002 the Devil’s Garden was put on the state’s list of potential purchases. These acres consist of a large area of pasture and wild lands. The plan adds two areas outside of Florida which means that areas such as Georgia and Missouri need a population of 240 big cats for the population to be considered protected and safe from extinction.


Government Bill Passed Averting Government Shutdown

Congress passed a stopgap funding measure when they were faced with a critical midnight deadline to stop a possible government shutdown. The bill was signed by President Biden Saturday night. According to CNN, after weeks of debate among House Republicans, the bill was passed and sent to the Senate with an 88-9 vote. The bill includes natural disaster aid but not funding for Ukraine. Jaamal Bowman pulled a fire alarm the day the bill was supposed to be voted on as he was unable to enter the room and didn’t want to miss his vote. “I was just trying to get to my vote, and the door that’s usually open wasn’t open, it was closed,” Bowman added. An investigation is underway on the incident.

Hollywood Writers Strike Ends After Guild Leaders Approve Contract With Studio

After nearly five months, the Hollywood writers strike is over after board members approved a contract with studios Tuesday night. According to AP News, “the governing boards of the eastern and western branches of the Writers Guild of America and their joint negotiating committee all voted to accept the deal, two days after the tentative agreement was reached with a coalition of Hollywood’s biggest studios, streaming services, and production companies.” Late-night talk shows are the first predicted program to return after the strike. The writers have to ratify the contract in October, but the writers can now continue to work.

Notes on the Second GOP Debate 

Seven Republican candidates took part in the debate, one short from last month after Arkansas Governor, Asa Hutchinson, failed to qualify. The first nominating contest takes place in Iowa on Jan.15. In the months to come, it is important for the candidates to prepare to take on former president, Donald Trump. According to NPR, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum attempted to answer questions about child care out of turn before moderator Dana Perino had to stop him. While Trump missed the debate, he instead held a rally at a non-union auto parts manufacturing plant. The debate included comments directed at Trump including one from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. “Donald Trump is missing in action,” DeSantis said. “He should be on this stage tonight.”

Week Three UAW Expands Strike

Chief executives of GM and Ford blasted UAW worker leaders shortly after UAW Chief Shawn Fain responded. “It’s clear that there is no real intent to get to an agreement,” GM CEO Mary Barra said late Friday. According to Reuters, Ford CEO Jim Farley made a statement saying the UAW demands could have a devastating impact on their business. “I don’t know why Jim Farley is lying about the state of negotiations,” Fain said in response. “It could be because he failed to show up for bargaining this week, as he has for most of the past 10 weeks.” The strike doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon as negotiations are still struggling to be made. Fain has made a demand for 40% wage increases over a span of 4 years, a demand supported by President Joe Biden. The companies, however, have only offered a spike up to 20%.


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