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How to Beat the Heat

Jessica Piland

The summer heat can be brutal. Florida summers are no different and can often be worse. Additionally, at FGCU, most people have to walk long distances outdoors to get to their classes and can’t go five minutes without sweating. As fall has started, I am hopeful the weather will start cooling down. However, having lived in Florida my whole life, that is usually not the case. Because of this, I have compiled a list of the top 8 ways to beat the heat and stay cool in the scorching hot Florida sun.

  1. Carry a portable fan or cooling towel

These devices are useful if you want the feeling of cool air while out in the heat. It creates the illusion that you are in an air-conditioned room when you are really outside in the sun which helps you stay cool. 

  1. Wear light/protective clothing

When trying to avoid the heat, it doesn’t help if you are wearing a sweatshirt and long pants. Those pieces of clothing will only make you feel hotter and cause you to sweat more. Instead, try wearing dri-fit shirts, tank tops and shorts as they are more suited for warmer weather. Additionally, hats and sunglasses will keep your face protected from the sun and the heat that comes with it.

  1. Wear sunscreen

When going out on a day that you know it will be hot and you will be in the sun, it is best to wear sunscreen. Sunscreen is great for protecting you from the sun and preventing you from getting burned. Most people think of using sunscreen only when they visit the beach or pool, however, it doesn’t hurt if it is used on a daily basis when walking outside for class. 

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  1. Take a dip in the water

Whether it’s an ocean, lake or pool, the water is a great way to stay cool! Swimming is a great way to cool off. When it’s a hot day and you’re sweating like crazy, the best way to get past it is to submerge yourself in a body of water and you’re instantly refreshed.

  1. Have a cold treat

Everybody likes something sweet once in a while. What better time to enjoy a cold sweet treat than after being in the heat for long periods of time? Ice cream, popsicles, smoothies and more help refresh while also satisfying your sweet tooth.

  1. Find a shady spot

We could all use a change of scenery now and then. Spending time outside could seem pleasing after being cooped up in class all day or at home, but could also be too hot. Take some time in the shade like under a tree or in a covered pavilion to do some work or just relax. That way you can enjoy nature while also staying cool. 

  1. Drink lots of water

Hydrate, don’t die-drate! Being in the heat for prolonged hours causes one to dehydrate when not having water, and in extreme cases can lead to heat stroke. To avoid this from happening, it is important to drink water. Some people also choose to add electrolytes to water when playing a sport in the heat to replenish those lost by activity. However, drinking too much water at a time can also be damaging to the body so it is important to space out water breaks.

  1. Stay inside

Probably the most obvious solution to beating the heat is not to go out in it at all. When possible, avoid going outside and find something fun to do at home in the air-conditioning.

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About the Contributor
Jessica Piland, Eagle News Photo Editor
Jessica Piland is a senior majoring in political science and minoring in global studies. She found her passion for photography during her senior year of high school after shooting some film for fun with her grandfather’s camera from the 80s. In addition to her work as photo editor for Eagle News, she works as a staff photographer for FGCU Athletics and is a photography intern with the University Marketing and Communications department. As she enters her third year as photo editor, she is excited for the fun stories, campus events, and breaking news that Eagle News will be covering!

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