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Why Finals Week is So Dreaded and How To Effectively Prepare

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Finals week can be highly stressful for countless students who are waiting for a favorable outcome. After giving all our effort and dedication to each course, it can be hard not to obtain the results we expected. This is a time when people who are barely passing feel the distress of not knowing if they are going to pass or if they will have to retake the class. It is also the time when students with good grades hope to maintain them or increase them. 

In my case, as well as the case of many students, this is the time to study and focus on what is really important. There are many tips and tricks where we could end up with a favorable end. For instance, FGCU provides study days where students have the opportunity to have a day off from class and use it to study and practice new concepts learned from previous courses. Many students do not use this time for the right reasons. Many go on trips or out with friends and by the time they have final exams, they have not studied enough. One tip is to use those days for academic purposes. It will be worth it in the long run, and then, after the semester is over and everything has been passed satisfactorily, people can use the vacation days between each semester to do anything of their liking. 

Another important tip for finals week is to give yourself time to study all concepts and actually understand everything that has been learned in the classes. I remember when I first started college, I would procrastinate and leave things for the end. When I changed this mindset and started focusing on my studies, I noticed an improvement in my final grades. Giving ourselves time to process all learned information can be critical when mastering our exams. 

Graduating seniors also have a hard time during finals weeks because the final grades are the ones that decide if they will graduate or not. There have been many cases where students cannot graduate in a specific term because they let their guard down and stopped focusing on their classes. This is something that happens to many students, myself included, because we feel as if we are almost done and don’t need to work as hard. This is false because our last semester is when we need to work the hardest. We need to ensure that our GPAs are maintained and that we will be able to meet all requirements for graduation. This is why another tip is to keep our guard up and focus till the end. Our futures depend on our efforts and the things we do.  

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If we all have a plan and maintain it throughout finals week, it will be easy to grasp all the content and ace our exams. We must be responsible for our actions and do everything according to the desired outcomes. If we slack off, then our grades will show where we failed. It is essential to stay consistent until the end and demonstrate the things that are important to us.  

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