ECOFGCU’s solution to the parking problem


My name is Alex Erlenbach. I am the founder of the Environmental Coalition of FGCU, or ECOFGCU for short. It is a coalition of leaders from many environmentally oriented clubs and departments on campus with the goal of coordinating events and brainstorming ideas so that we can have a more unified presence.
One of the initiatives that we have been working on is the introduction of carpool parking spots on campus. We believe this can greatly relieve the parking frustrations on campus. We are trying to get 10-20 parking spots on the first floors of each parking garage specifically for carpool parkers (3+ people in the car). We have met with Chief Moore who said he would ask his boss, but we have not received a response.
The system the coalition envisions is either the spots are under surveillance, allowing for parking services to give out tickets to those who aren’t seen leaving with 3+ people from their car. Parking services can even issue tickets after the person leaves the spot. Another method is that each spot has a computer system that requires parkers to swipe 3+ student ID’s to park there. This system coupled with The Environmental Health & Safety Department’s Ride2FGCU carpool matching service, this system can greatly relieve the parking headaches on campus that will only get worse with time.
If students want to voice their support for carpool parking spots on campus, I urge them to sign this petition at The coalition will bring the petition to parking services and continue to urge them to create carpool parking spots.
Thank you,
Alex Erlenbach