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Addressing the tree in the room

Does Christmas come earlier every year or is it just me?
I know it’s not just me. I was recently in a Dollar Store searching for Halloween make-up and there it was at the end of the row, Christmas decorations. Halloween hasn’t even passed yet and Santa Claus is already checking his list. I don’t know about you but I’m still trying to pick out my Halloween costume, we all know that those are a little risky. So, please Santa, if you’re already checking your list ignore our Halloween costumes.
There are at least two holidays between now and Christmas, that doesn’t count the soul ruining Black Friday that is coming. I really need time to get past Halloween and soak up all the scary movies that I can. I am trying to get into the all of the shenanigans of Halloween but “Jingle Bells” is already playing on the radio. How am I supposed to pick out my Halloween Costume when all the stores are filled with Christmas decorations?
Y’all, I haven’t even packed on my Halloween candy weight yet nor have I prepared my body for the post-Thanksgiving dinner hibernation. I haven’t even had a chance to eat a whole bag of candy corn yet and the Christmas tin filled with popcorn is already out. How am I supposed to choose? I have three options of food; Halloween candy, Thanksgiving meals AND Christmas cookies. Don’t get me wrong I love some variety in my life but please can we get one holiday of goodies at a time? I am trying to enjoy my buy one get one free Halloween candy then I can make the transition to Thanksgiving dinner food.
My family already spends two days making Christmas cookies do not make them start any earlier because someone decided that Christmas needed to be about the material aspect instead of the fun. My family loves Christmas just as much as the next family but I do not want it to come any sooner than necessary. The materialism surrounding, what is in my opinion, America’s greatest holiday, has become even more of a nuisance in recent years than it has in the past.
Black Friday seems to be a thing of the past, at least in regards to the biggest Christmas sale of the season. It seems as though the biggest sales have already begun, in our Halloween stores. Go shopping in any costume store in town and tell me what you see. Yes, typical goblins and ghouls haunting the halls, but also Santa and his jolly Christmas elves staring you down. I am not okay with having to stress about provided the perfect scene for trick-or-treaters and worrying about what to buy my family for Christmas.
I remember when the holidays were divided. It’s just not the same anymore. Halloween should be designated to October, Thanksgiving should be designated to November and Christmas should be designated to December. These seasons should be cherished. They should not be running together and creating a season of anxiety. The fall seasons of October and November, Halloween and Thanksgiving, are a time for brown leaves, expensive pumpkin flavored drinks, and the scents of cinnamon and nutmeg filling the air. I understand that we live in Florida, but compensating for our lack of evergreen trees and snow is no excuse to start the Christmas season a month and a half too early. The Christmas season should be about family, friends, and the bonds we share with those around us, take notes and please preserve holidays in their designated months.

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