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Voting in the 18-24 year old age bracket is staggeringly low and we don’t seem to care. The U.S. Census reported that 38 percent of this age bracket voted in the 2012 election while more than half of that population voted in the 1964 election.
Why is this? Why do we not care who is representing us?
We don’t care about voting because we always think that America will be there to catch us.
“America is the best country in the world.”
This is an ideology that so many people around the country wholeheartedly believe and cherish.
Why are we the best country in the world?
We’re the best country in the world because we always strive to be better. We must strive to be better because America doesn’t have the shiny boots and cape that it used to. We’re not the superpower that people think we are.
America is slipping.
To this point, America has never had a female head of state, unlike more than 50 countries in the world.
The CIA Factbook ranks USA No. 22 in worldwide literacy, 169th out of 224 in infant mortality rates and 42nd in life expectancy.
The World Health Organization ranks America 37th in overall health systems, and Lancet ranks America the most obese nation in the world.
We always say that America is the greatest country in the world because we have freedom, opportunity and diversity, but we’re not the greatest country in the world for the aforementioned reasons.
We’re not the greatest country in the world because we have freedom, opportunity or diversity — other countries have these.
America has been the greatest country in the world because we think we care about making our country better.
Voting is one of the civil liberties that we are able to exercise that shows that we care about making our nation better. Unfortunately, apparently a vast majority of college students could care less about exercising this civil liberty.
I’m unsure if politicians have lost touch with college students or if we’ve lost touch with reality, but your vote matters.
We’re the future of America. We’ve heard this idea for years, and we have because it is true. We are the people that will have to deal with the mistakes Congress makes and benefit from the triumphs.
The people that voted in 1964 voted because they wanted their voices heard and they wanted elected officials to know that they mattered.
Let your voice be heard, let elected officials know that you matter.
I constantly hear people say that they don’t care about elections or voting because all of the candidates are bad. These people should look at voting as choosing between the lesser of two evils.
To be perfectly honest, I don’t care who you vote for. I don’t want to write an article telling you to vote yes on Amendment X or that you should vote for one candidate over another, but I want to tell you that voting matters.
There are a lot of people who are only voting in this election because medical marijuana is on the ballot, and although I would rather see people voting for reasons other than being interested in getting legally high, at least they’re voting.
I don’t want to live in a place such as Brazil, where it is mandatory to vote, but I’d like to know that elected officials are adequately representing their constituents.
Exercise the 26th Amendment and let government officials know that your voice matters and you care about what is going on in the world.
Care about elections, because if you don’t care, the people who get elected to represent you won’t care about you, either.

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