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With elections quickly approaching, politics have been a frequent topic of discussion with many FGCU students. Even though it is a great thing that our classmates are caring about who and what they vote for, it’s safe to say that many of them may not be properly educated on what they’re voting on exactly.
Supporting a certain candidate or a certain cause is becoming a trendy thing to do. Many students vocalize who they support, but not why they support that person. They support candidates that are liked by their friends, relatives or peers.
Voting based on what someone else likes isn’t how our democratic system should be treated. Our country is about individuality and how everyone should have an equal say in who we want representing us as a whole.
In order to fix this problem, we have got to stress how important voter education is. It’s essential that our state and country’s citizens are properly educated on the topics that they can potentially vote for or against.
Students especially need to gain more knowledge about the different candidates running for positions and the different amendments they’re voting to pass.
At this age, we are very vulnerable to letting others influence our decisions without fully thinking something over. Our relatives begin to talk to us about more adult topics such as the government, friends share with us what candidate they’re voting for but not why, and the media tries to sway us to whatever their business supports.
Although there are students who are well -ersed in politics and know the reasoning behind their voting decisions, some people unintentionally let the media affect their choice while they don’t know what they are supporting.
Quizzes that help determine which political party best suits you are a way that you can get a basic feel for the political world.
After a little bit of research, students can learn how to make an educated vote that is based off of their own morals and ideas. There is always more to learn as campaigns go on, debates are held and speeches are made, and keeping up to date on all of these things will help people as knowledgeable as possible.

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