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Happiness begins with yourself


We hear all the time that you have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with someone else. This is the most brutally honest statement that our generation hears.
College is a time that society thinks that we should either be in a relationship preparing to settle down or we should be partying like there is no tomorrow. With this ideology in play, there are people who always wonder, “Why am I single?” It all goes back to that beginning statement.
Do you really want to bring someone into everything else you have going on?
I have two jobs, attend school full-time, sorority, two newspaper columns, church activities and intermural sports. I barely have enough time to keep tabs on my best friends. How on earth am I supposed to bring someone else in my life? I am happy, but I have no time to commit to someone else to make a happy relationship. I have accepted that.
However, the people who complain that they are single obviously are not happy with the life that they lead. If they are not happy, then why would someone else want to hang out with them, let alone date them? We need to go out and enjoy life. While we are enjoying life, someone will come along who wants to spend time with us and enjoy life with us.
I honestly do not care how you spend your free time, but there is someone out there who does. That person will think the fun you have is the greatest thing ever, and they will want to spend their free time doing what you think is fun.
Being in a relationship is great, but so is being single. Being single helps you find out who you are. It’s the most vital part of your life. It helps you become the perfect person, and eventually someone else.
As a woman, I know I have high expectations for my future partner, but I assume he also has high expectations for me. I am happy working on myself. I am happy in school learning. I have never been as happy as I am now. I firmly believe being happy with oneself is the most important thing anyone can be.
We always have rough patches, but when you are genuinely happy, those rough patches are easier to get through. It is easier to walk away from people who bring you down. It’s easier to do so many more things for the betterment of your life when you are happy. Since I have been in this state of mind, I sign up for so many new things and try anything. I thoroughly enjoy trying new things and meeting new people now. Prior to my positive state of mind, I would have stuck to my normal agenda and my same few friends. I have branched out so much.
I highly recommend that you make yourself happy and then you will find that certain someone that you can have a happy relationship with.

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