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New Nintendo 3DS is in stores in February

The new Nintendo 3DS is scheduled for release in stores February .
The new Nintendo 3DS is scheduled to be released in stores on Feb. 13.

For months, Nintendo has been teasing the world with new ideas and innovations for its most recent software and systems. From the Amiibo to the peripheral, it has left nothing to the imagination but the release date of its latest system, the “New Nintendo 3DS.” But thanks to a leak earlier this week by a GameStop employee, the new handheld device will be in stores Feb. 13 for roughly $200.

The new 3DS will feature a plethora of new goodies for seasoned and fresh gamers alike. Not only will this new system harbor built-in Amiibo support (which will eliminate the need for the external peripheral device to be released soon), an even faster internal processing speed, the new “C-Stick” technology for enhanced gameplay, and upgraded glasses-free 3D tracking.

Each of these upgrades is aimed for better graphics, larger games and player comfort. For example, the enhanced 3D tracking feature of this device will actually track the player’s eyes and face positions to make automatic adjustments; this is unlike the original models where players had to keep the console in a fixed position for the 3D effects to be utilized. This feature in particular is to reduce the amount of strain placed on a player’s eyes and bodies — a frequent complaint that stemmed from the original models of the 3DS.

The “C-Stick” integration of this new system is to further enhance the gameplay experience and make this experience much more home-console-like. This new addition in the top right corner of the device will act as a camera control in many new titles like “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate,” “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D” and older titles that were compatible with the “Circle-Pad Pro” attachment such as “Resident Evil Revelations” and “Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D.”

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On top of all of these new features, gamers who decide to upgrade from the original 3DS models may actually transfer all of their data to the new 3DS by using local wireless connections or a PC. For any models that are later than the original 3DS, Nintendo has released several guides on its website.

But America will only be receiving the XL model of the new 3DS and there is no word on if the original size with customizable faceplates will ever come across seas. Japan currently has a model where different themed plates (with characters like Isabelle, Mario, Peach and many more) can be placed and replaced. Since this is currently an exclusive Japanese system, the Americas will be receiving several limited-edition themed XL consoles to be released on Feb. 13, with the base models in black and red. Both “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” and “Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D” will get their own themed models for about $230  each as GameStop exclusives.

Do be warned though – these new models will not come with a charging adapter. They are compatible with the original 3DS and 2DS chargers, but for players who are entirely new to the system, an extra charger will have to be purchased. The new 3DS system will also have its own exclusive games in the near future, but will remain fully backwards compatible with original DS, DSi and 3DS games.

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