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Why it’s OK to leave some friends, relationships in past


Friend: A person who one knows, likes and trusts. One who supports, sympathizes with or patronizes a group, cause, person or movement.

Foe: One who feels hatred toward, intends injury to or opposes another; a foe. One who opposes or is hostile to an idea, person or cause.

I for one have made it a habit to surround myself with people whom I feel bring out the best in me and want the best for me. But that wasn’t always the case. In the past, I have had “friends” in my inner circle that haven’t always had the best intentions for me. They would put me down instead of bring me up, and I would often find myself starting to believe the things they were saying about me. Thankfully, that time didn’t last.

I eventually came to my senses, and I realized that the nasty comments these girls said were actually not about me at all. The insults they hurled at one another were just a direct reflection of their own self-esteem. Confident people’s favorite pastime isn’t insulting others for the hell of it. Happy people aren’t preoccupied with whether another person’s outfit is fashionable.

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So instead of feeling sorry for myself, I started to feel sorry for them, and I walked away. I didn’t want to waste another second of my life in a toxic relationship. It wasn’t me; it was them, and I was done.

Relationships don’t always end because they are bad, though. Sometimes people just grow apart. Interests change, which affects your compatibility and who you seek to spend your time with.

You are who you surround yourself with. We all come to school with hopes of gaining a thriving social life, but hopefully a successful future is also on our lists of things to gain these four years.  In order to ensure a bright future for yourself, why not surround yourself with motivators and goal driven individuals who want to see you succeed just as badly as they want to?

It’s OK to walk away from friendships, or any other relationships, in your life if they aren’t healthy.  Growing away from friends comes with the territory of growing up. It’s in no way easy, but it eventually makes your life easier.

You only get one life to live, so spend it with people who make you want to be the best you can be, people who make you laugh until tears start rolling down your face, people who love being around you because it makes them happier. Those are the people who are worth keeping around for a lifetime.

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