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Bath bombs away!

Take your valuables! Grab your kids!  Leave your homes, run for cover, and slide into your grandma’s underground bunker because there is a craze sweeping the nation that is so explosive, the aftershocks are being felt through the deepest crevasse of our plumbing.

If you haven’t heard by now, look around you and you may very well be hiding underground in a bunker from the cold war because there’s no escape from the fallout of this bubbly blowout.

I am, of course, talking about bath bombs.

Ever since these fragrant works of art gained popularity around summer of 2014, bath bombs have been flying off the shelves of stores such as Bath & Body Works and LUSH.  Twitter users have shown completely empty shelves in these stores with employees blaming social media for the shortage.

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Their popularity is due in a large part to the social media site Tumblr showing the artistic results these bombs have on a normal, often boring, routine.

Adding these luscious bombs into a bath will have you feeling like you’re exploring the cosmos in a trail of purple stardust, or you’ll find yourself coated in glitter. Either way, it’s a magical experience.

Of course, the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, and many blogs have made fun of bath bombs. My personal favorite is a photo set depicting someone throwing a block of ramen in a tub of water followed by the fake chicken flavor packet resulting in a disgusting-looking human stew. Another shows a man simply tossing a Starbucks caramel mocha latte into a tub and calling it art. Although it’s humorous to make fun of girls (and frilly men) for overindulging in social explosions, I think they’re just jealous that they aren’t being swept away on the wafts of a baby dragon’s breath.

Personally, I’m not ashamed to admit that I thoroughly enjoy bath bombs.

You may ask me: “Luke, how can I go about having the courage and masculinity as a fellow college man to use bath bombs unashamed like you do?” And I will tell you that it’s all about treating yourself.

You shouldn’t be afraid to light a few candles, start up a bath, throw in a bomb and listen to the sweet sounds of Lionel Richie as you drift away on vanilla bean clouds across rose-scented seas.

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