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Does the outfit you wear to class matter?


One of the best things about college is that people can wear absolutely anything to class. Their outfits can range anywhere from a designer dress and sandals to what they wore to bed that night.
Seeing how many different twists someone can put on fashion has always made me wonder if there is a correlation between what they wear and what they do that day.
As a girl who loves fashion, I usually put a lot of thought into what I wear to an event. I have always thought that if you wear a certain style of clothing, you will feel better that day, and will therefore be able to achieve more, just like the old phrase “dress for success.”
So is there a correlation between what you wear to class and your productivity that day?
Freshman marketing major Mallory Lapp says, “Absolutely. If I wear sweatpants I immediately want to get back into bed after class.”
Emily Sapp, a freshman education major, agreed with Lapp, saying, “I always get more done when I’m dressed well for the day.”
This “dress well, do well” mindset seems to be very popular with many people. I’ve always taken this into consideration on days when I have a quiz or an exam. I have found I felt more confident wearing something like my favorite jeans and a nice blouse on exam days.
Connor Cerrito, a freshman undeclared major and member of Pi Kappa Phi, has his own habits for succeeding.
“I personally dress up more for days with exams. I feel if I’m dressed nicer and know I look presentable, it will help me focus more on the test that is in front of me,” Cerrito said.  “Also I have this weird good luck thing where I have to wear pants when I take an exam.”
Similarly, junior civil engineering major Hunter Kreel also dresses up more for exam days saying, “It’s a confidence-booster. If you look nice, you are more likely to do better. You have to dress for success and you will do better.”
Though this is a common way of thinking for some students, there are still many people who disagree with it.
I see where they are coming from as well. As much as I love wearing blouses and dresses to class, there are definitely days where I want to wear leggings and hoodies.
As freshman forensic science major Michael Cortes said, “Ultimately it’s not your clothes —it’s your attitude and motivation that drive you to complete tasks.”
Anyone on campus can notice the different types of outfits. Although it’s apparent many are firm believers in the “dress for success” mindset, there is not an actual science it comes down to.
Overall, you have to be comfortable in what you are wearing, whether it is a dress, pants and a button-down, workout clothes or pajamas.
The message: If you are comfortable in what you have on, you will be more willing to tackle the tasks in front of you for day.

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