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Re-evaluating Valentine’s Day


When someone thinks of the month of February, Valentine’s Day is usually the first thing that pops into his or her mind. Bright pinks and purples are displayed all over department stores, restaurants are packed with couples on date nights, and there’s no doubt that if you’re single, you’re feeling a little more lonely than usual.

I remember high school during this time of year. Heart-shaped balloons crowded the bustling halls, every classroom seemed to reek of cheap chocolate and perfume and girls would gloat about whose gifts were best. It almost seemed like people were hopping into relationships just to have gifts and plans on Valentine’s Day. I remember how much I used to question these things. Why are we being so superficial about love? If we really do care about the ones we love, why aren’t we ALWAYS telling them how we feel? And why are we using material gifts as a form of validation for our relationships?

I’m not cynical about love whatsoever; I’m in a very happy relationship and want others to feel this way as well, but sometimes it seems like Valentine’s Day has strayed from what it originally was and has become more of a commercial and selfish holiday. People just expect to be showered with gifts, compliments and surprises and want nothing less.

The older I get, the more I realize how childish this holiday has become. When we were kids, it was all about who had the most cards, secret admirers, and candy. Now, it’s become a prime opportunity to “show off” possessions you’ve obtained from the person you’ve been seeing. And if you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you are ten times more aware of it on the 14th.

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I don’t hate Valentine’s Day, but I do think that we need to reevaluate just how big of a deal it actually is. Maybe instead of competing with flashy gifts, we should dedicate more of our time to making our loved ones feel special year round with genuine, real love and affection.

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