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A foolproof guide to pick the perfect Valentine’s gift


For her:
For all of you guys out there who are purchasing gifts for a date this year and are about as confused as a homeless guy on house arrest, I’m here to help. Girls really aren’t as difficult as you seem to build them up to be in your mind. I for one would be perfectly content with a glass of wine and being told how great I am this year. But for those of you who are looking to go the extra mile when shopping, here are some simple-last minute ideas that are sure to win over your girl on this holiday.
Flowers are an obvious choice, but nonetheless they are a sure way to put a smile on her face. Pick up a bouquet of her favorite flowers and it’s a definite step in the right direction for a perfect evening for the two of you.
Nothing says, “I really care about your needs and what you like” more than a bottle of her favorite alcoholic beverage does. My personal drink of choice is wine. Girls drink wine because they don’t like to keep things bottled up — pun intended. *Bonus points if you show up with two glasses and it’s chilled and ready to be served for that evening
At the risk of sounding cliché, give her your time this Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to take her somewhere extravagant, just take her somewhere you guys get to hang out, try something new and make new memories together. If you guys have something you  have always wanted to do, do it. As long as you spend the time together, there’s no way she’ll be disappointed.
For him:
If you are like me, one of the hardest tasks is shopping for your boyfriend—or any guy in general, for that matter. What kind of gift are you supposed to get for that special guy that will convey just the right amount of romance but still says, ‘Hey, I’m in my 20’s, I’m still fun and I’m not at all clingy or crazy?’ This is just one of life’s many pressing questions. Here are a couple gift ideas I came up with while thinking about what to get for my boyfriend this year.
I think the first step is to identify his major interests. If your boyfriend is into fishing, get him a new reel or rod. If he likes to crack open a book every once in a while that isn’t required for class, get him the newest book by his favorite author. If he loves baseball, get him tickets for the two of you to go see a game.
Believe it or not, there is a gift-giving formula for the perfect gift when shopping for the majority of college men. It only requires three simple things and it guarantees one happy guy who will most likely brag about how cool his girlfriend is to his friends. All you need is his favorite alcohol, food (bake him something or cook him dinner) and you. Most guys love booze, food and women, so give him the ultimate trifecta this Valentine’s Day and you won’t be hearing any complaints on his end.
For you:
For those of you that don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day this year, it’s Feb. 14, so mark your calendars. I remember the days I not-so-fondly referred to Valentine’s Day as Satan’s holiday, but don’t waste your days cursing stupid Cupid for your lack of a boyfriend or girlfriend. Instead focus your time and energy on spoiling someone who truly deserves it — you.
Treat yourself to a day of uninterrupted you-time. Whether this means getting your nails done or going to see your favorite sports team, you deserve the world, so give it to yourself. Sit back, relax and watch the entire series of “Friends” on Netflix in one sitting, guilt free. You deserve it.
For others
No matter what your romantic situation may be this year, be sure to spend the day showing the people in your life that mean the most how much you love them. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for significant others, so go ahead and go out with your best friend for the night or stay in watching movies. Just don’t let someone in your life go to bed that night not knowing how much you really do care about him or her.

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