Extremist preachers give Christians a bad rap


A lot of people are up in arms this week more than usual with the campus preacher who makes an appearance in the student plaza. If you think we’ve had our fair share of Brother Micah in the past, his successor, who uses his megaphone to shame sinners, is a chip off the old block.

Coming out of his cave only when the weather is nice like a bear out of hibernation, the campus preacher uses signs with hateful messages and compelling arguments with students about how they’re all going to Hell. Granted, this isn’t the best way to touch hearts with the word of God, but free speech is a thing.

Just last week, I was walking from the library to McTarnaghan Hall and the whole stretch of the library lawn was alive with the sound of blasphemy. It’s sort of a disheartening situation when you’ve gotten out of the tundra of the library after working your butt off getting that perfect grade and the warm spring sun fills you with warmth and the shouts of a Christian extremist from across the lawn.

As I walked by, a girl with great moxie was sassing the preacher by interrupting him and saying, “Don’t interrupt people! How does it feel? How does it feel?” She is a personal hero of mine.

Coming from a Christian background, I can tell you for a fact that this pious pontificate is a radical diversion of what honest Christians strive to be. Speaking from personal experience, most are often afraid to share their beliefs, let alone shout them out to the heavens.

I think there is neither a time nor place for such violent forms of hate. He claims to have good reason: to save us wretched sinners from our evil doing, but isn’t that Jesus’ job and not a raving martyr?

By now, students are fed up with the man’s attempt to call us out on our wrongdoings. Students out there who are only experiencing Christianity though this guy, I apologize. There are benevolent people out there and I hope you meet them.