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The Donald trumps political stupidity

The insurgent Republican candidate and business mogul Donald “Global warming is a concept made by and for the Chinese” Trump is making big strides in Republican polls. Trump has at least twice as much support than his second runner-up in the Republican poll, and despite the slanderous, racist and downright false words that bubble up from the billionaire’s mouth, there is still somehow a subsect of potential voters who stand by him.
It’s hard to see what draws a crowd to Trump. Could it be his plan to destroy ISIS (in which he proposes to surround and nuke the entire country of Syria)? Perhaps it’s his all-out war on illegal immigrants, who he lovingly says are all drug-loving rapists bent on taking our jobs and our sovereign nation.

Donald Trump.

For many Republican candidates it was tough keeping quiet and avoiding Trump’s downpour of idiocricy, but a remark about Arizona Sen. John McCain not being a war hero had even the most right-winged candidates stomping their feet. Marco Rubio even stated in an interview that Trump should apologize not only to Senator McCain, but to all troops and their families. We were admittedly all on board when Trump started talking smack against President Obama, but the floodgates have been opened too wide and now there’s nothing stopping the projectile word vomit from spreading all over us.
“NBC Nightly News” has done a fair job fact-checking Trump’s claims. Although Trump suggested that hundreds of thousands of illegal Mexican immigrants are crowding up our prisons, NBC political scientists pointed out last week that maybe 100,000 Mexicans were in American prisons, which includes both illegal immigrants and other criminals. Trump also suggests he’s worth about $10 billion when in reality he’s worth about $4 billion. People get behind Trump because he “speaks his mind” and he’s “not afraid to tell the truth” when in reality he’s barely telling the truth and most of the stuff he does say is either made up or completely insane.
What shows Donald “There’s nobody bigger or better at the military than I am” Trump’s true colors more than anything, however, is his belligerent and insulting twitter posts. He calls anyone against him a loser. He claims he could kick El Chapo’s ass. He even calls out Ireland in one tweet, saying that wind-powered turbines were ruining their tourism and causing electric bills to skyrocket. I suppose that should tell us his plan for cleaner energy.
On a recent episode of “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart, it was pointed out that Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again!” was ripped directly from former President Ronald Reagan’s slogan which read “Let’s Make America Great Again.” The key difference here is that Reagan’s was an invitation, whereas Trump’s is an order.
Trump continues to make a mockery of himself with little to no effort, and even though some Republicans think his sucess is due to utter lack of political correctness. However, Trump is that friend your parents warned you about who jumped off bridges. If we vote Trump into office, we’d be jumping off that bridge with him.

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