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Miley Cyrus raises the bar for race-y VMA show standards

Who would’ve thought Miley Cyrus could have gotten any racier than her Video Music Awards performance two years ago with Robin Thicke and her infamous foam finger? Well, she did while hosting the awards show this year, and I can  say that I was  surprised at some of the things she got away with.
Upon first seeing Cyrus’ post on Instagram announcing she would be hosting the show, (yes, I’m guilty of following her), my first thought was how excited I was to know that she would be running it.  My second thought was how surprised I was that MTV would let her; not only because of how wild she is, but because of her sexuality and her pride in it.  For those of you unaware, Miley identifies herself as a pansexual, meaning she is not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender or gender identity.  In other words, Miley does not find someone attractive based on their gender or identity, believing she is “gender-blind.” The term pansexual has been growing in recent years and still isn’t widely known, but Miley is definitely bringing attention to the growing group of people who identify with her.
Not only is her sexuality an extremely controversial topic, but also her surprise performance reminded me of a scene that would be portrayed from a Dr. Seuss book — absolutely wild, colorful and crazy.  She debuted her new song “Dooo It,” which is interesting to say the least. Just give it a listen, and I guarantee you’ve never heard anything like it.  Beside her during the entire performance were a bunch of transsexuals, drag queens and the people who were featured in her Happy Hippie Foundation Instapride Campaign.  At the end of the performance, she announced that her new album, “Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz,” would be on her website for free. I personally logged on to listen, and the website crashed; it was receiving so much attention.
One of the most jaw-dropping moments of the show was when her feud with Nicki Minaj was brought up. After Nicki was done accepting an award, she turned the attention back to the host, claiming that Cyrus “had a lot to say about her in the press.”  This is referencing an interview Cyrus did during which she was asked multiple times to comment on Nicki and her twitter “beef” with Taylor Swift over the VMA nominations.  Toward the end of the interview, Cyrus finally caved in and said that Nicki was “not too kind or polite.” Upon being called out during the show, Cyrus stated that the press “manipulates,” quickly ending the “beef.”  Many believe the on-stage feud was staged, but either way, it doesn’t matter because it was one of the highlights of the show, and everyone loves drama. It’s OK to admit it.
To say that Miley Cyrus is an influential person in society today would be an understatement.  She not only is an amazing entertainer but a sort of activist for a community that needs one so badly.  From her revealing outfits to her surprise performance in the finale, Cyrus had me running back to the television after every commercial to see what she would do next.  It’s pretty clear she has not a care in the world and does what she wants, all while representing a group of people who need it.  With sexuality and acceptance being the newest social craze, I completely support Miley in her campaigns, although she does it to the extreme in ways that I still can’t comprehend.
Oh, and big props to the MTV censors. That must have been the busiest night they’ve ever had.

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