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FGCU eSports RSO aims to get the community into gaming


The FGCU eSports RSO will have its first Fall Gaming LAN from noon to 8 p.m. Oct. 3 in the Cohen Center Ballroom.  A LAN is an event where people from all over the world come together in one place with computers or gaming consoles to play video games for long periods of time.
At this LAN, the RSO plans to showcase video games such as “Super Smash Bros. Melee,” “Super Smash Bros. Wii-U,” “Rocket League,” “Hearthstone,” “League of Legends” and a Console Reservation Area, where anyone can sign up to use a console to play on.
Each game will have its own designated section within the ballroom as well as a charging station for attendees who bring their tablets to participate. Super Smash Bros.  will feature “Melee”, played on the Nintendo GameCube/Wii, and “Wii-U”, played on the latest Nintendo console. “Hearthstone” will be played on computers as well as tablets that can be brought to the event. “Rocket League” will be played on the PlayStation 4, and “League of Legends” will be played on the computer.
Maikol Brito, the project manager of eSports, said, “FGCU eSports is the place for both casual and competitive gamers on the campus. Our event aims to blur the lines between the two and bring together almost 200 people for a great time. Our members have shown dedication to the club, and we want to give back to them by putting together a professional and smooth running event.”
FGCU eSports has stated that anyone interested in attending the fair can do so for free. The event is open to everyone, not just FGCU students. It is not necessary to be extremely skilled in order to have fun and participate. All participants would have to do is go register online for any specific event.
On the website, attendees can learn information on registration, start times for events and who will be running each game. Attendees can also find more information about the RSO, such as who the members are, what will be featured at meetings and video game reviews.
“Our goal is to open up the idea that video games and eSports are becoming a huge thing and would like to provide a place for students and community members to come test their skills, have fun and find ways to get better,” said Derek DePontbriand, the president of FGCU eSports.
Students can also check out FGCU eSports on Facebook, where it posts updates in regards to the LAN event, weekly meetings or anything in the realm of eSports.
But what are eSports? eSports is the technical name of electronic sports that become organized in video game competitions.
Dariel Luciano, a community member, said, “I’m super hyped for the upcoming LAN event. Partially, that because I love getting together with ‘Smash 4’ players and competing with our favorite Nintendo characters. I’m also really stoked to try out some of the other eSports games, like ‘League of Legends,’ without feeling like I’m throwing money down the drain.”
The event is being put on with money the RSO raised last year and a sponsorship with Shell World located in Key West. The RSO also has a GoFundMe drive to provide prizes for participants. It also plans on doing a raffle for the first 100 people registered on its website to get more people involved.
“I’m looking forward to the upcoming FGCU LAN quite a bit. It has so many large eSports games being held there. ‘Smash 4,’ being my main reason for going, and ‘Melee’ will probably be the most exciting for me,” said eSports member Robert Herrin. “I definitely want to try and compete in multiple games to see how they are. I think overall this is going to be an awesome event since it’ll let me compete in a game I already know I enjoy, and try out some new ones.”

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