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Recent terrorist attacks in Paris should serve as a wakeup call

A few days ago in Paris, the citizens of France experienced something that no country ever should — an attack of terrorism that killed 129 people and injured at least 352. Among these people were French citizens and American students who were studying abroad. Since that night, the Islamic terrorist group known as ISIS has claimed responsibility for the multiple attacks and have said “this is just the beginning.”
The French president, Francois Hollande, has reacted to these attacks in a way that everyone should, declaring war on ISIS.
On Sunday, Nov. 15, France sent 12 fighter jets to Syria and dropped bombs on areas in Syria that are known to be ISIS territory, including a jihadi training camp. The French president said that France will act mercilessly against the terrorists who have caused chaos in his country.
The question I now have to ask is why President Barack Obama seems to still think that the U.S. should not take action against these terrorists, but instead, he thinks we should invite people from Syria into our country.
These Syrian refugees Obama is bringing into our country are mostly fit young men, according to news reports. Taking in Syrian refugees is asking for trouble. It is the perfect way for ISIS to infiltrate the country. Who knows who these people really are?
Countries throughout Europe have either increased border patrol or have closed its borders all together. But, as for here in the U.S., Obama is saying he will accept 10,000 people to bring in, and I just don’t understand.
U.S. officials are confident that ISIS is everywhere. They have said it themselves, that ISIS has people in our country just waiting for the word to attack like they did in Paris.
There is no doubt in my mind there are Syrian people who are good and trying to escape ISIS, but our country’s main job and concern should be to protect our citizens. It seems by his actions and words that President Obama has certainly let that slip his mind.
The United States of America is the greatest country in the world and now is the time to prove it. Now is not the time for our president to act diplomatically. Now is the time to utilize our military for what they are meant to do.
Now is the time to end Islamic terrorism once and for all.

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  • M

    Miguel AzcuyNov 23, 2015 at 7:05 pm

    I don’t quite understand how the views expressed by the author on terrorism are “extreme”. Ideas presented by the above comments are exactly why we as a nation have no credibility. Liberal ideology painting this country as the evil of mankind is poisoning our university system, which I can clearly see by these responses.
    Diana Ahmed, ISIS was formed because of Obama’s recklessness of running guns through Libya (a country where we have no business in) and arming the Syrian rebels, who mutated into ISIS. That’s ON TOP of leaving Iraq (no thanks to you liberals), leaving it to collapse under Islamic extremism. Your Iraq War talking point is exhausted and meaningless, since it was by our fault in not establishing order that these terrorist groups could metastasize. By combining that and refusing to correlate the numerous terror attacks to Islamic extremism, this is why ISIS has influence, especially over Westerners. We are so afraid of “offending” Muslims that Islamic extremists use “tekkiya” to deceive the American people into thinking that these groups exist because of us, and that they are oppressed peoples. You and I know both know that that is not true. They exist because we are at existential war with them. They want to create terror and fear to make us bend to their will, but if we wake up, that will not happen. Obama doesn’t have the ability to combat transnational terrorism because he refuses to call things like it is. He is protecting ISIS because he knows he CREATED them, through his own fault. Saying that “we will not relent” against ISIS is not and never will be a goal of his, so stop trying to use that as an excuse.
    The only way we can combat terrorism in other countries is by a radicalization of Islam. Remember that “radical” in religion means “revolutionary”, here. Notice that I don’t call Islamic terrorists “radicals” because they are only doing what the Quran tells them to do (Quran 2:216, 5:33, 9:29, 8:39, 8:60, 4:89). Muslims need to stand up and say that they do not condone what ISIS or any other extremist groups are doing. If we need to “coexist”, these “moderates” need to denounce the implementation of Sharia law and assimilate into any country they wish to go to. So far, that hasn’t happened in the Western world. Just look at France and their “no-go zones”.
    lukejanke, all you need for proof are the pictures of these refugees; most of them are military aged men, so why does that not bother you? There may be women and children fleeing from Syria, but are you refusing to see that the Paris terrorists posed as “refugees” to gain entry into Europe? There may be families, but does any rational government want to take the risk to let refugees in, especially with what happened in Paris? We need to vet these people as much as we can, because any one refugee that has harmful intentions can really mess things up.
    You ask why America is the greatest country, and I can only tell you that the liberal influence on younger generations is painting America as the bane of human existence. We were great, because we stood up for our values and fought evil without fear. Do you see the America that defeated the Nazis nowadays? Does any president call a terrorist group a “JV team” and calls them “contained”, only to have a terror attack that leaves hundreds dead hours later? Do we as Americans ostracize those who have different opinions instead of fighting a group that wants us all dead? That is the beauty of America: having the right to an opinion. Try spewing your opinion in any Islamic country or socialist regime and tell me how that goes…
    Instead of spewing insinuations of “Islamophobia” at the author, we need to educate ourselves on why Islamic extremism is dangerous and what we can do to stop it. Cowering behind political correctness doesn’t work, because that is exactly what ISIS wants you to do: fear them.

  • D

    Diana AhmedNov 23, 2015 at 11:28 am

    You should also explain how Presidnet Obama has the power to combat transnational terrorism on his own, especially when it comes to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Let’s not forget why ISIS was formed in the first place( go back to the Iraq war of 2003-2011 and you should find some links). Also, how will you combat terrorists in foreign countries that aren’t as easy to pinpoint( such as France, the U.S. Etc) will you just be dropping bombs at random cities as well? At this point, we cannot continue to keep fighting fire with fire, and your mockery of allowing Syrian refugees into the country is disheartening.

  • L

    lukejankeNov 22, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    Very strong views on terrorism. However, I would have liked to seen you expand on what sort of news entities are reporting “fit young men” entering the country. Because as far as I’ve seen, there are also many families, women and children involved. Fit young men are also necessarily cause for concern with terrorism. Donald Trump is old, crotchety and loud but he has power to cause deep emotional and physical damage any same amount that a fit young man could. Also, I would have liked to see an explanation on why the U.S. is the greatest country in the world. Otherwise, great work, keep it up!