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What do these emojis really mean?

We all know what emojis mean, but is that really what they mean? Here’s a breakdown of how the kids are using emojis these days and what they really mean.
85d211df6886bde485c426515a7e7515The upside-down smiley face is never actually a happy one. Use this when something is really awkward or makes you really angry, but you can’t show it. I use this when I have to do a group project and my partners want to meet on the weekend. #NoChill
57336i9DEDC0AC4EC2DAD9This one is pretty versatile. You can use this when you just need to make that text seem a little less mean, or you’re happy about something. It has replaced the original happy face in that it has no legitimate reason; it’s just there to make things a little less serious.
objects-0228Don’t be fooled. This may look like an eggplant, but it’s not — ever.
2Nobody actually knows how to properly use these.
Smirking-FaceThis isn’t an accidental emoji; this emoji automatically makes any text sexual. “Hey wanna see a movie?” Plus, the smirk emoji automatically equates “Netflix and chill?”
winkey-tongue-out-emoticon1When your mom tries to tell you a joke, normally this emoji follows because she thinks she’s so silly.
537f57d7-acbb-45ae-8bfa-c53a4006e633What you send when your friends want to go out for “Fat Friday,” “Fat Saturday,” “Sunday Funday,” “Monday Margs,” “Tequila Tuesday”, “Wine Wednesday” and “Thirsty Thursday,” but Netflix just added the next to last season of “Parks and Rec.”

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