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Sexy Time: Valentine’s Day success stories

February 12, 2014

Like a Super Bowl for women, Valentine’s Day has our partners rushing to Target for last-minute flowers and candy at three times the normal cost, hoping their team makes a touchdown. It doesn’t matter...

Sexy Time: Listen to yourself on when to have sex

February 5, 2014

When there’s a new person of interest in your life, you’re excited about how funny and sweet they are, but deep down, you can’t stop thinking about what their shirt would look like on your floor....

Sexy Time: Asexuality is an emerging identification

January 30, 2014

Asexuals , or people who don’t experience sexual attraction, have gotten a bad rep. Asexuality as a form of identity is quite new. Many researchers disagree on whether or not a lack of sex drive can...

Sexy Time: Songs to play during sex

January 22, 2014

Music has the power to transform any experience into a great one, including sex. Some people think listening to music while having sex is weird, and it can be, if you and your partner are getting...

Sexy Time: Getting into how students define intimacy

January 15, 2014

After I received a letter from a concerned fan, I realized I needed to re-evaluate my perspective on relationships. Over the holiday season, I shared an intimate moment with a friend. We fell asleep holding...

Sexy Time: Know yourself before entering a relationship

January 8, 2014

Like any single woman who spent her New Year d r i n k i n g merlot with her cat, I placed an ad on a Wiccan dating site. In today’s Internet age of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, meeting someone online...

Sexy Time: Burlesque dancing is about empowerment

December 6, 2013

From the moment I saw a woman pull Taco Bell out of her bra, I knew I wanted to be a dancer. Thanks to Dita Von Teese, burlesque has made a comeback as a popular form of performance art in the past few...

Sexy Time: Chivalry isn’t dead, but it certainly is in need of rescue

November 20, 2013

Like most young women, I lost it in the back of a car. Unlike most, I got it back two minutes later when a guy told me I left my purse. It’s a well-known fact that today’s chivalry isn’t the same...

Wicca: Not such a bewitching subject

Wicca: Not such a bewitching subject

November 6, 2013

Wicca, a new-age, neo-pagan, naturebased religion, has received a lot of negative connotations and stereotypes through the years. Some people believe that Wiccans have orgies in the forest beneath the...

Sexy Time: Life isn’t controlled by marionette strings

November 6, 2013

The popular saying “Everything happens for a reason” is often said by people struggling through hard times. “Everything happens for a reason” is like a hippie-dippy version of “God has a plan...

Sexy Time: Halloween costumes are a source of empowerment

October 31, 2013

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The weather has finally started to cool down, the smell of fresh apple cider fills the air and your lab partner is covered in glitter and wearing assless chaps. Halloween...

Sexy Time: Students, professors define love, the undefinable

October 24, 2013

At the heart of all relationships, from the one with our parents to the ones with our pets, lies a love story. If you’re alive you’ve probably felt love, and according to Stephanie Meyer, life isn’t...

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