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How to Deal with Burnout

Cristina Pop, Assistant Opinion Editor May 10, 2023

As students, we have all experienced burnout in one capacity or another. Whether from work, exams, or attempting a school-life balance, burnout is inevitable when we go at too high of a pace for too long. What...

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Be Aware of Your Stress

Delinah Rosario, Opinion Editor April 24, 2023

Stress is a normal feeling, especially as a full-time college student. As someone with four or five classes and two or three jobs, you are bound to get overwhelmed. No one can blame you. Everyone handles...

Tara Nichols poses next to the feminine hygiene dispenser in Cohen Student Union. Photo provided by Nichols.

Student Government Senator Fights for Free Menstrual Products on Campus

February 25, 2021

By Nina Mendes News & Features Editor Tara Nichols doesn’t see herself as an advocate for change but rather a champion for accessibility. Serving as a Student Government Senator for the College of...

FGCU Begins Distributing Moderna Vaccine

FGCU Begins Distributing Moderna Vaccine

February 20, 2021

By Sam Romero ENTV Director FGCU began distributing the COVID-19 vaccine earlier this month. In an email to students, the vice president of FGCU said that the school is currently a distribution center...

A student sits in the FGCU library following the universitys COVID-19 guidelines. EN photo by Julia Bonavita.

COVID-19 Winter Break Test Kits: Are They Making A Difference?

January 25, 2021

By Katie Fogarty Contributing Writer FGCU issued free optional COVID-19 saliva PCR tests for students and staff to take before leaving for winter break, according to “The Winter...

Illustration by Jules Bustamante.

Will 2020’s election results save southwest Florida’s environment?

December 21, 2020

By Jules Bustamante Contributing Writer Harsh winds knocked down trees and storm surges flooded areas as category one Hurricane Eta hit landfall in the Florida Keys. Storms like Eta are normal around Florida’s...

A student sits in the FGCU library following the universitys COVID-19 guidelines. EN photo by Julia Bonavita.

Making the switch to a reusable face mask

October 5, 2020

By Katie Loudermilk Contributing Writer Face masks are everywhere. Most businesses require a face covering before entering the building; however, some disposable masks are not making it into the trash. Hannah...

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Al-Anon: Recognizing Abuse and Those Left Behind

August 30, 2020

By Erica Fish Staff Writer She once thought there could never be an escape from having a son who was an alcoholic and substance abuser. Local Estero mother Debbie DePasquale was worried that her failed...

Keto diet craze is difficult but worth it

March 25, 2017

As health concerns become increasingly prevalent, the ketogenic diet, also known as “keto,” is becoming a new health trend in the United States. The science behind keto, which is a low carbohydrate,...


Ditch the elliptical with CHAARG

November 17, 2016

Too many college girls rely solely on an elliptical in fear of weight-lifting and male judgment. CHAARG, a fairly new club at FGCU, aims to break standards and promote health and fitness to college-aged...

Goddess Yoga

Yoga instructor brings ‘Goddess Yoga’ to Koreshan State Park

September 8, 2016

A deep “om” vibrates off the walls of the historic building as you’re guided through the breathing exercise. With eyes gently closed, palms resting upward and deep breaths entering and departing...

Healthy meals can now be delivered to your doorstep

April 10, 2016

There’s always an excuse for choosing unhealthy meals over healthy ones. What’s yours? Is it because you don’t have time to cook or because it’s too much work or simply because it’s much easier...

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